6 PC Games that Feature the Best Graphics!

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Probably the most obvious advantage of having a good computer with an excellent video card is that you can play computer games which feature the best graphics. A lot of games out there feature graphics which are very clear and life-like. Here are the top 6 games that you might want to play if you have a good graphics driver.

  • Crysis 3 – This game is the third installment of the Crysis series and is considered the best so far when it comes to graphics. A lot of gamers also believe that it’s storyline is even better than its predecessor which is Crysis 2.
  • The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Definitely one of the most popular games when it comes to good graphics, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, also known as Skyrim for short, has taken the world by storm when it was released. It is very popular especially for those who love medieval-themed games.
  • The Witcher 2 – This game is still trying to gain popularity because most gamers do not have PCs that could run it. But because of its good graphics, it has always been popular to those who have computers with the best graphic card drivers. This game came out before Skyrim but a lot of gamers believe that this is better.
  • Grand Theft Auto 4 – Games from the Grand Theft Auto series have always been popular when it comes to graphics. But before you get this game, you should make sure that kids in your household will not be able to play it. This game is very violent and it has a lot of sexual themes.
  • Battlefield 3 – Nothing beats playing a good old war game. Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooting game that allows players to play missions of various characters. These characters are under various military groups like the US Marine Corps First Reconnaissance Battalion.
  • Max Payne 3 – Some experts believe that this is the best looking game ever. This game has been created by the makers of GTA. In the game, people play the character, Max Payne, a retired NYPD cop and the setting is the beautiful and scenic country of Brazil. Imagine the

Always remember that there are numerous system requirements to play these awesome games. You can always hire a technician which offers computer services to tweak your computer so that you will be able to play games which feature the best graphics.

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126 thoughts on “6 PC Games that Feature the Best Graphics!

  1. That’s a pretty huge list. I am not a gamer but i am looking some PC games with good graphics so that I can enjoy it in my leisure periods. I will surely try these. Thanks!

  2. Special post, Alex. You can redesign this post by adding some new games. Such as Grand theft auto V-6, and legacy 4.

  3. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has the best graphics (with mods of course). The console version will never beat the PC version!

  4. As the years passed by, game creators noticed that it’s not just a great story but at least some gamers seek after great graphics too. So why not get more real, all these games are soul-snatching! Let’s not forget that gamers need the best equipment too.

  5. Awesome post,
    As you said in the post that “You can always hire a technician which offers computer services to tweak your computer” but in this modern era, a computer has no place because laptops are under budget. We offer up to date best guideline to buy a good cheap gaming laptop under 500 dollars. This game has great features and that’s why you can get the best cheap laptop for playing this game with full of features.

  6. Crysis 3 – This game is the third installment of the Crysis series and is considered the best so far when it comes to graphics. A lot of gamers also believe that it’s storyline is even better than its predecessor which is Crysis 2.

  7. Great article but I’d rather you put Grand Theft Auto VI because it’s one of the best open world games with achingly breathtaking graphics.

  8. Hey,

    These are some really graphic intensive games and require a pc or laptop with high specs. Out of these, my favorite game is Crysis 3. Thanks for sharing this list. I will try other games as well.

  9. Thanks for sharing this awesome list of games. I have played Max Payane and GTA games they are superb. I’ll surely check your other mention as well… Thank you once again for this excellent article..!!

  10. Nice list, I have tried Crysis 3 and The Witcher 2. These were awesome, the graphics quality & the sound effect is really impressive.

  11. I love games like GTA, IGI, Call Of Duty, e.t.c, these games are awesome and great graphics. I love Action Games and Shooting Games.

  12. The graphics on these games these days are crazy dope. Where were these graphics when i
    was a kid lol. I remember playing Max payne on ps2 for the first time, graphics was decent not nearly as good as they are now.

  13. I have to say I agree with a lot of these. I think that nowadays this has changed but when this article was posted, I couldn’t get my head around how good Crysis 3 & GTA IV looked.

  14. Even though I have played many of these games, I have never thought much about the graphics. Sure, its really good, but I think most games nowadays are of pretty good quality.

    Some great games on the list though πŸ˜‰

  15. You have prepared a nice list of games. I think that these games will always remain favorite for all. Like if you turn younger they will help you to remember you childhood days.
    The game which I liked the most is Battlefield 3 & GTA 3. These two games will aways remain my favorite.

  16. I’ve played all of them, and just recently played Battlefield 1. In my opinion, it’s the best looking game I’ve played across consoles and PC.

  17. Oh.GTA 5 is not listed here. Why???
    In high graphics games, GTA 5 is the best I played so far. But I think your post is now older.

  18. I’d love it if you were to update the list. There’s so many new and good looking games coming out such as Ghost Recon:Wildlands which is available in March

    Obviously it’s a ubisoft game and they’re known for over-promising on the graphics front so it could be a massive disappointment.

    There’s 3 series with a new instalment on this list and I’d love to see how much better you find them.

  19. Hey Alex,

    GTA 5 is something I like on this note and far cry is something that impressed me when I watched some videos of it on the internet.
    Thank you for this article.I will try the other games soon.

    Keep sharing knowledge mate. πŸ™‚

  20. My favorites among the list is Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto 4 , the best! I love playing them and always will.

  21. Nice article Alex, really a great post.
    The games you listed really have awesome graphics. I think you forget to mention need for speed and Just Cause.
    I love your writing.

  22. It’s amazing that Crysis 3 still has a lot of popularity almost 3 years since it’s release, which I think is largely due to its superior graphics more than the game itself, since there were some complaints that the game was too short in comparison to its earlier releases. There are also more hacks now to take the graphics resolution higher to 8K from the original 4K which gets totally awesome results…really just stunning environments…

  23. I have played GTA 4 .
    I was amazing and now waiting for GTA 5 which has superb graphics.
    I have only seen trailer now and eagerly waiting for launch for pc.

  24. surely true all these games have superb graphics but that which i like most is grand theft auto 4 and battlefield 3 these are the games which i always like to play

  25. My favorites among the list are Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto 4, the best! I love playing with them and always will.

  26. I like Max Payne 3 the most… But the 3rd part is not as tricky as the 2nd one “The Fall Of Max Payne”.. Ended the game in just one week.

  27. Wow, really good graphics games. Rise of the tomb raider and assassin creed syndicate also have awesome graphics. I think you should watch them on you tube. Nice post

  28. The graphics of GTA 4 and maxpane is really amazing.All of the Rockstar game have aewsome graphic feature. Thanks for shearing it with us.

  29. According to me one of the best game is GTA V having top-class graphics ever used in the previous successful games.You should try it and then feedback ! I am sure that after examine that graphics you will Yell WOW!

  30. Awesome list man!

    Though this list has become a bit old now, but seriously these games have some really good graphics!

  31. very nice and useful info you give .this article is very helpful for new gamerz .thanks for this great article onPC Games that Feature the Best Graphics!

  32. I buy a Crysis 3 game DVD But i can’t play this game, Because my laptop configration is not support this time, Now i buy a High performance Gamin Laptop so i can easy play this game with Amazing graphics.

  33. I feel like graphics could have been a worthwhile trade if they focused their efforts elsewhere. GTA4 had this jarringly out of place storyline for a game where I spent a majority of the in-between time driving through pedestrian areas on whatever vehicle I could steal from nearby drivers.

  34. These games do have some of the best graphics. Stranded Deep has awesome graphics as an early access game. I think you guys should check it out. I can tell the post is old, but gta 5 also has good graphics with next gen and all.

  35. Wow. One more time, the hit game Grand Theft Auto has released the 5th edition called Grand Theft Auto V with the new updated graphics, large maps, new characters look very stylish, the attractive girl on the street, a new mission system with many secrets attractive players. In particular, the system of items and weapons in the game has been updated to create a craze for gamers, making them curious to delinquent property. To own the items forced gamers to have a large sum of money to shop, and in fact, to earn money in the game is extremely difficult. So how to make a lot of money and a whole roll of City? Let’s try GTA 5 Money Cheats Xbox 360 for your game console. Visit my website to discuss more: http://bit.ly/gta5-discuss-money

  36. @Firas No, they are right GTA IV on PC looks better than GTA V on Console and GTA V on PC will look 2x as better than console version. The picture shown above is GTA IV (PC)

  37. These games have amazing graphics ,but I think you mean “Grand Theft Auto V” not “Grand Theft Auto 4” because it has far more better graphics .

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