Moving Targeting and Pricing in New Facebook Advert Set

When Facebook announced that changes to their Ad Targeting and Bidding structure would take place on September 1, not many fully understood how it would affect them, especially in relation to already existing ads and campaigns. However, take it or leave it, this change was needed particularly because the previous Facebook Ad format was long-winded and unnecessarily complicated. Overall, the new Facebook Ad structure brings it in line with other popular advertising formats in platforms like Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Moreso, it reduces the learning curve for individuals and advertising agencies tasked with the responsibility of running PPC Campaigns.

facebook new ad structure

Generally speaking, the new Facebook Campaign structure has been broken down to 3 main levels i.e. the Campaign, Advert Set and Ad levels. At the Campaign level, each campaign represents a single advertising objective such as increasing the number of likes on a given Fan page. Meanwhile, the Ad Set level now defines individual elements of a campaign such as targeting, placement and bid settings. Therefore, advertisers can now only change budgets, define targets, adjust bidding and ad placements at the Ad Set level. Finally, at the Ad level, users get a chance to be creative by combining images, text, links and videos for single or multiple adverts.


Consequently, advertisers are no longer able to create ads with mixed targeting, bidding etc within the same ad set. So far, so good, but then there is a problem relating to how Facebook relays this information to existing users. Take for example, when using the Power Editor to create duplicates of existing campaigns or ad sets, you will get the following warning or pop up notification from Facebook which basically says targeting and pricing need to be moved from the ad level to the ad set level. But how? It doesn’t really tell you how.

fb_1Power Editor

Indeed, depending on the size or number of uploaded ad sets on your campaign, it is unclear how to do so because direct instructions are conspicuously missing. Chances, are in spite of the size of your computer screen, you will have to scroll down to find a solution.

Basically, audience and placement migration in addition to optimisation and pricing migration to the Ad Set level can be automatically done in one click of a button. You just have to scroll down the page to find the options as shown in the image below.

fb_2Power Editor

Once the migration process is completed, you can proceed to edit your campaigns, ad sets or ads as you normally would. In addition, to boost the chances of success for your advertising campaigns, don’t forget to set a Campaign objective. This can vary from Clicks to Website, Website Conversions, Page Post Engagement, Page Likes and additional options for Mobile & Desktop Apps, Offer Claims, Event Responses and Video Views. Furthermore, you can manage your audience at the Ad Set level by setting options for location, age, gender and so on.

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5 thoughts on “Moving Targeting and Pricing in New Facebook Advert Set

  1. Advertising on Facebook seems really interesting at first, and I like that they are constantly improving. But I noticed that once you stop advertising your Facebook posts will be shown to less and less “likers” if they don’t like your posts again right away.

  2. Don’t do it!

    Your ads will go into review all over again. And the ad reviewers are abusing their power and disapproving ads even when they don’t break any ad guideline.

    So don’t move the settings to the ad set level. You never know if your ads will be approved again.

    1. Hi Muhammad, thanks for your reply. You have made a very interesting comment although all my ads that have went back under review did actually pass and performed at the same level. I understand your concerns although I wouldn’t go as far as telling other users not to change their settings.

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