Movavi Video Editor Plus: A Great iMovie Alternative for Windows

One of the best things about editing videos on a Mac is that you have a powerful yet user-friendly editor built right into it in the form of iMovie. If you’re used to the ease with which iMovie allows you to edit movies you may be finding it hard to adjust if you’ve recently switched to a Windows PC instead.

The fact of the matter is that iMovie itself can’t run on Windows, and so the closest you’ll find to a Windows version of iMovie is an alternative that adopts a similar approach. In that regard, there is only one editor that really will live up to your expectations and that’s Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Intuitive Approach to Editing

In the same way, as iMovie provides a user-friendly approach, Movavi Video Editor Plus does as well. Its user interface, as well as its features, are designed to be intuitive so that they require no prior experience or professional expertise to use.

The interface in Movavi Video Editor Plus is clean, simple and is structured around a timeline that is similar to iMovie. Its features are a click or two away and are either on the main interface or organized into tabs on the navigation bar.

It will only take a few minutes for you to familiarize yourself with any feature in Movavi Video Editor Plus, and most can be applied using simple actions. For example to add a video all you need to do is drag and drop it into the working area.

Wide Range of Features

As far as capabilities go, Movavi Video Editor Plus will rival anything that iMovie brings to the table, and in some cases may even exceed it. It has a wide range of features that encompass various different ways to edit videos.

Compiling videos is easy in Movavi Video Editor Plus and it will let you merge video clips, arrange the order that they are in, or trim out bits that aren’t wanted. The video clips can then be enhanced manually or automatically, and any issues that may affect their quality can be ironed out.

As far as audio is concerned you will be able to add multiple audio tracks to include background music or a voiceover. The audio tracks that you add can then be edited within Movavi Video Editor Plus to clear up background noise, apply effects, and more.

If you want you can tap into the visual effects in Movavi Video Editor Plus to apply filters, utilize special effects or add animated transitions. On top of that, you can insert simple or animated titles, transform the frame, and much more.

Suffice to say as a substitute for iMovie, Movavi Video Editor Plus will ensure that you’re able to edit your video in the same manner. Its features and user-friendly approach will make the transition to editing on Windows a lot smoother, and allow you to still come up with impressive videos of your own.

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