10 of the Most Popular Games on Facebook

Facebook is known worldwide and is currently used by people in almost every country of the world. It is hardly surprising then that the games hosted on it are very popular. Here are some of the most popular games on Facebook at the moment. They are listed in the order of how many people have clicked “Like” on them. The first one has been liked by over five million people, which just goes to show how popular Facebook is.

1 – FarmVille 2

This is a game where you have to look after a farm. You are the owner of a farm and you have to raise livestock and grow crops in order to play the game. You can have people visit your farm if you like. The first version received a bit of coverage on TV and is one of the reasons why the second one became so popular very quickly. It is aimed at a younger crowd.

2 – Mafia Wars

Even though this sounds like more of an adult persons’ game, it is actually played by quit young people too. It is not inherently as violent as the things people see on TV. The aim of the game is to do mafia style jobs, fight with people or collect money. It is not realistic and acts as a nice little bit of fantasy for the people who wish they were alive during the days of the Godfather movies.

3 – City Ville

This is similar to the FarmVille game, in that you have to build and manage something in order to play the game. In this case you have to build a small city. It is similar to the Sim City games that are played on desktop computers, but it is a little bit easier and a little quicker to learn. The game is aged at younger people who are not yet up to the level of Sim City.

4 –  Word Challenge

This is a game for people who like word games. It is part of the Sims Social network, and is aimed at younger people. You can win SIM game money, and has been quite a hit with younger ladies. The SIM money you win can then be spent on the Sims game when you play it next, so that you can buy more household furniture and things of that ilk.

5 – Tetris Battle

The Tetris game was very popular, and is still popular with people in their late twenties and early thirties. That is probably the reason that this newer version is doing so well. Not only do you use the drop down principals of Tetris, but you also get to make combinations too. It is a similar to the games where the balls drop and you have to make color combinations.

6 – Texas HoldEm

In this game no money actually changes hands, but it is good for people who like to play the game or for people who want to practise their skills on the game. It is aimed primarily at adults and older males, and is a very popular game if you consider the fact that older man are not as likely to spend much time on social media. It has very smooth graphics and is good way to kill a few hours.

7 – Café World

Here you can experience the thrills and spills of running a café. The game is aimed at younger people of about eight years old or older. It is a fun little distraction that has become very popular, most likely due to the fact that you can improve the way you play the game to get better end results.

8 – Dragon City

Despite a shaky start, this game has grown in popularity and is now liked by over six million people. It has a host of mini games that people can play. It is suitable for younger people but some of the mini games can be addictive for adults too.

9 – Gods War

This is for people who are just starting their teens but have not yet gotten into overhead commanding games on their games consoles. The game involves using your players to defeat other players, but instead of using soldiers and bullets, you use gods and magic powers.

10 – DDTank

This is a game that comes at the bottom of the list and yet is still liked by over one hundred thousand people. It is a game for younger men, and acts as a nice transition for similar (but more advanced) games on games consoles.

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