Dangers of Seeking First Spot In Search Engine Results

You have heard it from marketers, sales representatives and even Web managers that getting the first position in search engine results is the ultimate path to achieving success in sales. However, this article will explain why that may not always be the case. The obsession with the top position is often based on the myth that consumers always go for the first Web link they come across when searching for products and services to purchase and unfortunately that line of thought is becoming more common.

While being number one might increase Web traffic and visitors to a site, it does not necessarily guarantee sales. Although increasing traffic to a site is important, especially for bloggers and news sites, the same does not always apply to companies and businesses whose number one priority is to increase sales. As a result, many would rather have low traffic with higher sales than high traffic with lower sales.

The problem, however, is convincing managers that you do not have to be number one to make sales. In fact, you are more likely to get more sales and a higher conversion rate by providing good quality products and better customer services than your competitors. That is because an average search engine user who wants to purchase a product rarely buys from the first company that appears on the search results page. Instead, a  potential buyer will look for the best offer and quality available through price comparison etc. Consequently, the likelihood of visiting sites on positions 2-10 is very high.

In conclusion, while it is not actually bad to aim for the number one spot in search engine results, it should not become an obsession. Rather concentrate on quality and better services because most would-be buyers usually prefer to carry out extensive research before purchasing a product by looking at other sites on the results page in search of the best deal, before making up their mind.


How do you use search engines when looking to purchase a product or service on the Internet?

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