REVIEW: vBulletin

vBulletin (vB) is a commercial software written in PHP and MySQL for creating Internet forums. It makes it possible for Web site owners to create online communities that makes it possible for visitors to participate in various discussion topics, ask questions and generally interact with one another and the Web administrator. Through this interactions, visitors are encouraged to come back in search of answers and solutions to problems. vBulletin is completely customisable and makes it easy to create and cross-publish between your forums, blogs and Website articles.

When it comes to search engine optimisation, a big advantage of using vBulletin is that it is highly search-engine friendly. Administrators can add meta description and meta keyword, quite easily from its admin panel. Furthermore, vBulletin comes with flexible styling and editable templates layouts that makes it straightforward to blend with your Web site or blog.

Other features include, advanced thread and post managements, member profile pages that can be viewed by other members from the members list, full avatar support, private messaging, privacy and permission system, admin control panel and board maintenance, attachment management and import facility, language and phrase management, Google Adsense and advertisement integration and editable Help and FAQ system for your own board.


There are many advantages of integrating Internet forums with your Web site and vBulletin makes it easy to do this. Its modern security system, search-engine friendliness, payment and advertisement integration also gives it an edge over many of its competitors.

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