The Last of Us: Best Game of 2013?

Naughty Dog does it again with this year’s smash hit survival horror game, The Last of Us. Set two decades after a viral outbreak in the United States, an experienced survivor who goes by the name of Joel has to escort a young girl named Ellie for which this relationship is the meat in this tasty game sandwich.

Ellie is born after the outbreak occurred so she has known no different. She is witty and high spirited, giving off a quick little joke here and there just to get a reaction out of Joel. Whereas Joel has seen it all, slightly hardened and brusque, but does still have a charm to him. Both main characters are so well developed you can easily relate to either of them. Ellie is fascinated by the thought of life before the virus. She is always asking questions of which Joel is sometimes reluctant to talk about.


The main danger (except being other humans in the game), are the infected humans who the virus has taken over, making them into some kind of gross looking, mushroom plant hybrids. Joel as you can see is undoubtedly a complete bad ass, but fighting isn’t a thing you want to get into too often. The best form of attack is defiantly sneaking up and then cracking heads and then leaving – it’s the best way to outsmart the enemies.

The Infected have different types of danger involved; you have the Runners – just like the name suggests they charge at you, and if they see you they also cry out for other infected humans to help. So taking them out by sneaking is a must when possible. Another type is the Clickers – these characters have been given that name because of the noise they make. Unlike the Runners they cannot see you but they can hear you this all makes for one intense game.

You don’t want to take on groups of enemies so to avoid them situations you have a few tools up your sleeve such as throwing bottles or other objects to distract them and maybe picking off one at a time. You also have a listening mode in the game, what this allows you to do is hear footsteps and enemies’ voices to reveal their position pretty handy eh?

What else is really handy is that Ellie isn’t like Joel; she will help you get out of bad situations like if someone or something is sneaking up behind you. To do this, she shouts out to inform you and gives you a lot of time to react.

When it does come to the fighting aspect of the game I have never known anything as satisfying as this. You really feel the impact of slamming someone in the head with bricks or steel pipes – the fighting really does feel so dramatic and cinematic. It’s just so brutal and satisfying at the same time.


Simply amazing – from voice acting to graphics and sound everything is right about this game. The atmosphere and the tension are spot on and you never want it to end. If you own a PlayStation 3 you should own this game.

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