Apple HomePod Features: What to Expect

Apple’s new smart speaker, the HomePod has got everyone raving. With its release date scheduled for February 9, it has gotten everyone talking about what some have termed Apple’s new invention.

With its beautiful 6.8 inches high pod-shaped design, this masterpiece has got so much hype around it.

Here is a quick review of what Apple has in store with the HomePod and what you can expect.

1. Sound

The essence of a speaker is its sound. The HomePod surely hasn’t failed a bit in that aspect, at its recently held review, songs like Ed Sheeran’s ” Shape of you,” Ariana Grande’s ” side to side,” “let it go” by frozen was played and not only did we enjoy its sound. At 65% it’s comfortably filled the room, there’s a warm feel about it’s audio and the bass doesn’t overpower it at all, so if you are looking for a great speaker February 9 it is.

Place the HomePod in the middle of a room, and you’d get a 360-degree sound feel in the room, if moved to a wall, the speaker will figure out the nearby surfaces and distribute the sounds evenly. With how good the speaker sounded, one would say the speaker was trying to outdo it’s size because it sounded so loud and clear for something Coming from a small unit.

2. Price and Availability

At the $350, you can get this all-new smart speaker from Apple. Although quite expensive though but it’s cheaper than the Google Home Max and some other speaker. It’s available for pre-order from Jan 26 but officially goes on sale in stores on February 9. It presently doesn’t have a cheaper version of the Google Home mini, but trust Apple to put good quality first before anything else.

3. Privacy

What one of the unique think about the Apple HomePod is its security and level of privacy, Siri is listening locally, any request you make is encrypted before it reaches the apple. This is an edge that Apple has over the competition like Amazon, Google.

The data is always anonymized, it uses the same differential privacy method used on the iPhone. Hence the request is not tied to an iCloud account.

4. Design

A small but weighty speaker that’s covered with a mesh design, the HomePod is a beauty. It’s got six microphones for Siri, seven tweeters, a woofer with a different amplifier, an Apple A8 chip inside and a motor driving its diaphragm. Although it doesn’t come with a Bluetooth connection and audio in port, it still stands out with its compact design and abilities.

5. Siri Got You

Voice commands are not made available on any other streaming device except the Apple music. Siri is the power behind the HomePod with the voice assistant sounding more like a humans voice; it’s all ready to give you that difference you won’t get in another streaming device.

The Apple HomePod has got all you would want in a good speaker; its sound is on point, the design is awesome, a real value for money.

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