Wii U vs Switch: Why the Switch is Outperforming the Wii U

Following recent reports that the Nintendo Switch games console has outsold its predecessor, just 10 months after its launch, this article takes a look at some of the reasons behind the recent success of the Switch. It’s not just a matter of asking which one is better: Wii U or the Switch? It’s a little more complicated than that.

The Wii U came with its pros and cons but if you look a little closer it seems that the cons strongly outweigh the pros. The Wii U has received since its invention, more bashing than praise so much so that little wonder why critics prefer the Nintendo Switch as a console that has more to offer than its predecessor.

Here are reasons why the Nintendo Switch may be considered to be more powerful than the Wii U.

Third-Party Support

This has caused major concerns to gamers as the whole point of gaming is to be able to enjoy other games that are not manufactured by Nintendo. Imagine the horror of not having Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty supported by your game console as was the case with the Wii U. In contrast, the Nintendo Switch has all of these enabled and much more thereby providing room for a better gaming experience than the Wii U.


The Switch is actually really flexible. Indeed, one of the most powerful and amazing things about the Nintendo Switch is its ability to transform from a home console to a portable gaming system within the twinkle of an eye. What is even more amazing is the fact that you can continue from where you left off while playing the game before the change. Although the Wii U has this feature, what it doesn’t have is the Nintendo Switch’s modified NVidia Tegra X1 processor and a RAM of 4 GB, way more than its 2 GB of RAM.


There is no disputing the fact that in order to enjoy the full feature of a game, its resolution and screen quality goes a long way. It was therefore not hard to accord the Nintendo Switch as the more powerful console. In particular, the Nintendo Switch comes with a more responsive1280x480 LCD screen and is capable of running games at a frame rate of up to 60fps as opposed the Wii U which comes with an 854×480 screen resolution and is plastic to touch.

No Region Lock

Traditional Nintendo games always use the region locking feature but the Nintendo Switch comes with a whole new innovation by breaking the tradition. Specifically, the Switch comes with no region locking. What this means is that you can buy a switch from another country without having to worry about compatibility issues. You can also import games from other countries that are exclusive to that other region. Thus, the Nintendo Switch has given room for a wider selection of gaming experience without holding restrictions in particular countries.


The Nintendo Switch is more portable, more flexible, has a better battery life and has a better hardware function than the Wii U. it gives gamers everything that the Wii U has and more in terms of a better controller, better resolution and requires little time to load once the game’s cartridge is placed in its slot. Moreso, there’s plenty of support available for and from game developers. On this evidence, there is no disputing the fact that the Nintendo Switch is certainly the console to buy.

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