The World of Online Education

There’s always a unique reason behind someone’s decision to study online: the career changer; the promotion hunter; the renewed interest in studying, etc. As students and professionals seek more ways to balance their goals and responsibilities, it’s no wonder that the e-learning market is always growing.

Current online study options are more than just a recorded lecture. Using the latest innovations, entire courses are available digitally, enabling students to receive top-quality content whilst balancing their other responsibilities.

From a breakfast podcast to regular webinars and more, courses are designed to fit those with busy lives; however, that’s not where the benefits end.


Students have a familiar reputation where money is concerned. With rising costs of higher education in the UK and elsewhere, this looks set to stay a reality for on-campus students – but not those challenging the stereotype through more affordable online learning. 

Adapting to the needs of the modern professional, you can also utilize your current position as an employee of an organization to seek funding. Employer sponsorship is a great way to show that you’re both interested in your job, promotion, and Continual Professional Development (CPD).

“Are you serious?”

The number one issue that both prospective students and employers face concerns the credibility of an online course. This is understandable, as the online learning format is still relatively new.

This skepticism is fading over time, however, in hand with the growing development of e-learning in general. Since an increasing number of employers are now familiar with online learning courses, both inside and outside of their organisation, they are more welcoming to the benefits. Qualifications that have been attained online also highlight their own particular advantages, such as initiative, discipline, and time-management.

The question of accreditation doesn’t have to be an awkward one either. With many of the courses available being accredited by their relevant organisations, such as the BPS (British Psychological Society), you can be confident you are investing your time and money wisely.

If it’s a little unclear what types of qualification/accreditation certain careers require, it’s always a good idea to check on nationally recognised websites for more information.

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