Furnished vs. Unfurnished: Which will Help you Sell your Home Faster?

Should your property be vacant or occupied once you put it on sale? This problem is perhaps one of the most disturbing and distressing questions every home seller must face. Even experts find it hard to decide whether do houses sell the fastest when it’s vacant or furnished.

Some potential homebuyers are also on the loose on this one. For some, they can’t or don’t know how to furnish an empty house, while others suppose that a furnished house can either be inconvenient, expensive or both. To help you out and to give you a clearer decision, check out the guide below.

Putting a Vacant Home for Sale

Even though, many of you may think that selling a home while it’s vacant has no benefits.  Well, you are completely wrong. There are a couple of reasons as to why selling a vacant home can be beneficial to you. And there are conceivably a few drawbacks.


  • The probability that real estate agents will choose to display your home will increase. Well, mainly that’s because real estate agents sometimes take the least resistance path. For example, if they have at most 20 houses to show and 5 of them are fully furnished, real estate agents may get tempted to show the unfurnished or unoccupied homes since it’s much easier.
  • They don’t need to make a call or an appointment because they can directly go over and take advantage of the lockbox.
  • Home sellers aren’t under intermittent pressure to keep his or her property in flawless, immaculate, impeccable showing condition at all times. However, with small kids,  this can be unimaginable to do, even if the father or mother doesn’t have work outside of the home.
  • Homeowners are not cut short at unfavorable times to show their home. On the other hand, a home seller does not need to leave the house, walk around the block, or go out in the park while potential buyers are examining their home.


  • Unfurnished homes provide a lesser emotional appeal, which means it doesn’t build a  warm environment. For sure, if your potential buyers will tour your home, they’ll feel lonely and empty as well. Home buyers who fall very much in love with a certain home will sometimes pay more for that property.

  • Home sellers might have to consider staging their house and draw additional fees for home staging. Well, that is because home buyers usually find it hard to imagine a home when it’s empty. For the most part, nothing is appealing about unfurnished homes.

  • Empty homes are susceptible to vandalism, meaning they can, for the most part, invite cromes. Aside from the havoc that can potentially happen when a criminal intrudes into an empty house, home sellers may end up compensating expenses to make repairs since his or her homeowner’s insurance guideline might not secure an empty home. Keep in mind, that a vacant home insurance policy can cost a lot.

Putting an Unfurnished Home for Sale

Furnished and occupied homes are most likely to show the best, and potential home buyers are likely to pay more for a home that looks much nicer. But, just like selling an empty house, there are few advantages and disadvantages of putting a staged home for sale.


  • Homes show better when it’s fully furnished. It’ll be a big help for the home buyers as well since they do not need to guess if a bed will look good against a wall or if there’s a room for a table in the dining room. Home buyers can easily figure out the purpose of each space in the room since it’s currently and presently used for that specific purpose.
  • Home sellers will be the one to pay all the utilities. Well, sellers usually need to leave, whether the property is vacant or furnished, the home utilities switched on. By residing in a house while it’s up on the market, home sellers need not pay duplicate bills.

The home buyer’s real estate agent needs the home utilities not only for show but also for an appraisal and home inspection. Know that it’s difficult to market a house without utilities.

  • A furnished home can help you cover any small flaws and impairments such as scratched floors or chipped paint.
  • If staged right, a home can look more aesthetically attractive than an unfurnished home and will leave a deep-rooted impression on your potential home buyers.


  • Over-furnishing may swamp the whole room, making it look narrower than it is.
  • It can be bothersome especially if you need to move out immediately, and don’t want to leave some of your furniture in a property that’s on sale.
  • Having horrid furnishings can lessen the aesthetic appearance of the home.
  • More often than not, hiring someone to stage your home is costly.


Now and then, homeowners must prep or consider some furnishings before putting their home on sale, most especially the essential furniture. It includes great lighting, a couple of chairs, and a good bed. You can shop for these pieces in any online stores such as BlackMango.

But, it can also be possible to sell a house even if it’s empty or unfurnished, just make sure that it’s still homey. Read the pros and cons above to figure out if you should sell an empty or furnished home.

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