A Simple Guide to Software Tester Jobs in Top Companies

With more advancement in technology, the IT sector is growing at a rapid pace. Every field is more advanced nowadays, and with time candidates are not confined to making their career in web development or networking. Instead, they are more attracted towards making their career in other fields too like software testing, graphic designing, marketing etc.

Software Testing is a very advanced field and every year we see huge growth in this area. This enormous growth attracts individuals towards making their career in the software testing field. In essence, software testing is a process of testing programs or verifying the software/computer system to decide whether it meets the user requirement or not.

There are two types of testing; one is manual testing and other is automation testing. You can decide which of these areas you are interested in the most and then do proper research about it.

Let’s now discuss the necessary requirements to get a software testing job:

1. Complete your qualification: 

The first step which is important to enter into any organization is your degree so you should complete your Bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT preferably from a reputed university or board. Most times, you’ll need to clear your degree with maximum 70% marks to take part in any company interview. Therefore, focus on your study and strengthen your basic knowledge in programming to get a software testing job fast. Start studying about testing tools and software to get more knowledge in this field.

2. Take Proper Training:

Anyone who is interested in making their career in this field needs to take proper training from any institute or coaching center. Without training or without additional certification in testing, it can be difficult for you to get a job. There are various institutes which provide such training in software testing. Search for these institutes and make a list of all of them to select the best one for you. In these training programs, you should learn about all the necessary things and tools that companies use for testing their programs well in advance of applying for a job.

3. Search for Companies:

After the completion of your education and training when you need a job, first, search for the companies which provide the jobs in the software testing field. There is a list of various IT or MNC companies including ITC Careers, HCL Technologies careers, Wipro Careers, WNS careers and many more through which candidates will be able to gain jobs and earn a great living in the future ahead. Check all the requirements which they demand from their employees and if you have those skills then, mention these in your resume to get a response from recruiters.

Quality is everything for all software products or applications. With the rapidly growing software industry, the demand for the skill and professional candidates for software tester jobs is rising like never before. One can get a job in his/her dream company, by adopting the right set of skills and knowledge. This field is considered as the most challenging because you have to keep yourself updated with the latest tools and technologies, as well as continuously provide more qualitative input to make the product much better.

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