Keeping it Cool: High-Performance Air Conditioner for a Renter-friendly Home

Are you considering the idea of renting out your house? To do that, you need to check if your home is in great shape, including important aspects such as your air conditioning unit. Maintenance of your AC unit is very important because if you rent out your house with a faulty air conditioner, it will cause problems for you and the people renting your house.

To avoid this situation, check out these tips to keep your air conditioner unit functioning well and for it to perform well at all times.

Specific Maintenance

Specific parts of the air conditioner require regular maintenance to ensure top performance. If you don’t check these parts, your air conditioner’s energy consumption will increase, while its performance will continue to decrease.


Clean the filters regularly because dirty filters can increase your air conditioner’s energy consumption up to fifteen percent. Dirt can accumulate on the filters and block airflow. If the filters aren’t functioning correctly, it can’t clean the air passing through it. The air may carry dirt and harm the air conditioner’s coils.

Clean your filters every two months during the cooling season. If you have pets with thick fur living in the house or if you use your air conditioner every day, you might have to check your air conditioner monthly. Constant exposure to dust and fur can be a significant cause of accumulated dirt on the filters.


The filter will prevent dirt from reaching the evaporator coil, but dust will still reach it after a while. Accumulated dirt will cover the coil, so the coil’s capacity to absorb heat will be lessened. Avoid this problem by regularly checking and cleaning the evaporator coil.

Condenser coils can also gather dirt because of dust or foliage outdoors. Don’t put your unit near areas where dirt and debris are present. Clean the area around the coil and remove accumulated dirt.

Coil Fins

Bent aluminum coil fins can cause blocked airflow. A fin comb can restore your coil fins to their original state.

General Maintenance

If you don’t have professional experience in cleaning air conditioners, these simple steps will help you get through the process.

Remove dirt

Make sure to unplug your air conditioner unit before getting to work. Once you’ve turned it off, remove the fan cage and lift the fan grill. If you see dirt inside, you can remove it using your hands. If there are specific pieces which you can’t reach, you can try cleaning the area with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean coil fins

After cleaning inside, remove and clean the outer covers. Clean the fins with water but make sure not to direct water with high pressure on the fins because the strong stream will damage it. If plain water can’t remove the dirt stuck on the fins, you can buy a special cleaning spray for the fins.

Restore the fins to its original state

The coil fins can be easily bent. If you see that the fins in your unit are bent, you have to return it to its original shape. Don’t use something sharp because this will damage the tubing in the fins. If you don’t have a fin-straightening tool, a  blunt butter knife will do.

Clean the area

Inspect the area where your unit is located. If you find foliage or dirt around it, rake the leaves or sweep the area. Cut branches which drop down leaves over your unit. Secure a two-feet perimeter around your unit for it to function correctly.

Clean the evaporator coil

Remove the coil door and use a soft brush to remove dirt and dust from the coil. Use a coil cleaner. The foam from the spray will drip into the drain pan, so you have to clean it up. Use bleach, hot water, and soap to clean the drain pan.

Clean the plugged evaporator drain

Remove the paper filter before using a vacuum to clean the drain. Align the end of the drain to the hose of the vacuum and turn it on for at least three minutes.


There are a lot of ways to earn money, and renting out your house can be an excellent source of income. Prepare your home for possible renters. Fix and repair parts which need maintenance. Your house will also be attractive to renters if they see that it’s a comfortable house.

Air Conditioners are essential factors which give added comfort to the people living in a house. So make sure that your regularly check your air conditioner because this will lessen your energy consumption and it will also increase the performance of your air conditioner, leading it to produce clean and fresh air for your home.

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