Apple iOS 9: Check Out The New Features

Apple launched the beta testing version of iOS 9 mobile operating system on July 10 at WWDC 2015. So far, it has unveiled four variations of the beta program of iOS 9 that includes new APIs and services. With every variation, Apple is removing the flaws of iOS 9 and trying to make it better than before.

You can register for this early version of iOS 9 and use it on your Apple device. You can also report to Apple if you find out any error or bug in the software.

The Apple iOS 9 is packed with several exciting features and tech operations that might raise your interest. Here are some of its great features:

Siri Advancements

Apple’s voice assistant “Siri” is now smarter and proactive in iOS 9, its spotlight search is refined and understand more local and time based queries.

Transit Info in Apple Maps

Apple maps offer transit information in iOS 9 which helps users to find out alternative routes, train and bus routes as well as their timings.

Low Power Mode

Apple has added a “low power mode” feature in iOS 9 that ask users to enable it whenever the battery reaches a level of 20% and 10%. This low power mode shuts the background operations and saves up to 3 hours of battery energy.

Higher Security

iOS 9 is equipped with 6 digit passcode instead of 4, so the possible password combination has reached to 2 million now, which is much harder to crack for hackers.


The CarPlay option in iOS 9 allows users to wirelessly connect an Apple device with their vehicles. This way they can easily control the car system with their Apple smartphone.

Apple iOS 9 is armed with several tech functions that you can find out in the infographic here. It is created by Nine Hertz – An iPhone application development firm.

Everything you need to know about iOS 9

Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

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