Engagement Party Ideas on a Budget: 10 Tips

Celebrating an engagement party is quite tricky and somehow burdensome for those on a tight budget. But, still, because you love the person and you want her to have a memorable day, you will have to think of strategies that can make her smile.

You don’t want to burden your family and friends, and of course, you don’t want to put yourself in too much debt when putting up a party. “How can I manage to have a memorable engagement party?”- This question is the most that you should ask yourself.

However, you don’t have to worry, because, with just a little creativity, you can now throw an engagement party that fits your budget using these tips written below.

Outline Your Budget

First off, think how much you will able to spend for the party. Have a list of your necessary elements including drinks, foods, decorations, music, etc. Figure out if how much will cost each component. Do not include unnecessary spendings. As a suggestion, you can connect your smart or android phones to a speaker instead of hiring a DJ.

Make Your Guest List Small

Do not feel cheap when you limit the number of your invitations sent out. It’s the traditional part of celebrating an engagement party where couple’s closest family and friends are given a chance to talk and meet before the wedding. An intimate affair helps the party keep going as it allows them to socialize comfortably.

Avoid Expensive Invitation Card

Since you only have few people for your engagement party, don’t make your invitation card too extravagant and expensive. If possible, try DIY ideas for invitation cards and be creative trying not to lose the formality.

At a party store, you can purchase festive fill-in-the-blanks-style invitations or buying blank cards at the craft store and personalize it in your home.

Gifts Are Not Required

Remember, an engagement party is not a wedding shower which requires plenty of gifts. Presents don’t always mean congratulations. Engagements are merely bringing together your closest family and friends. Celebrate the good news with them without presenting gifts.

Setting: Home

Making your home as a venue for your party is less expensive than paying a restaurant or renting a hall. You can also ask your closest friends or family members that are willing to lend some space for the celebration. This option could help you minimize the cost of your spendings.

Simple Menu

You don’t need to serve extravagant meals. You can do away with a simple menu instead. You can make it in simple pairs such as coffee and cookies, or sweets, and wines. Plan it ahead of time so you can slash your budget even more.

Cake From A Local Store

You can order a cake from a local store with a lower price instead of ordering it from a specialist. You can save more money if you order it from somewhere local. For sure, your invites will not mind where the cake came from. As long as it tastes good, then it will satisfy them.

Cooking your own Food

If you to choose to cook food on your own or bake some delicacies for the party instead of ordering everything from a caterer, then you will save a lot. A celebration doesn’t need to be too extravagant and “restaurant-standard” when it comes to foods. Just a simple “do it yourself” menu will do.

Decorations: Do It Yourself

You can visit online and find templates to download and print them on your own. Instead of purchasing from a store such as Paper Source, why not make it on your own? Or ask your friends to help you decorate? You can customize letters and hang it in your entryway.

The ambiance of the venue would make the celebration more satisfying. Decorations don’t need to be too expensive to make it look elegant. Just be creative, and everything will follow.

Providing Photobooth

Photobooths aren’t for elegant celebrations only. You can make on your own also even you’re following your outlined budget list. Creativity is the only weapon you have. So, make it as your most potent weapon.

Capture wonderful experiences and have a memory of it. A simple booth would still mean a lot. For inquiries on how to create a satisfying photo booth, you can visit websites such as Magnet Me as they provide info that can help you a lot.


Forget about expensive engagement parties. They are waste of money, especially that you are on a tight budget. Engagement parties don’t have to be expensive, they need to be memorable instead. The ambiance of your family and friends is what could make the party memorable. Their presence is the best thing you could ever have.

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