Important Tips for Recovering Your Lost Pet

Every pet has a special place in the hearts of its owners irrespective of whether it is a dog, parrot, snake, tortoise, gold fish, etc. in fact, such is the role pets play in our lives that losing one to natural causes could be heartbreaking. Likewise, losing your pet is also a terrifying and traumatic ordeal considering that many of us see our pet as a member of the family.

Indeed, there is only one way of recovering from the loss of a pet and that is to find it. Any other option can be incredibly difficult to bear. Therefore, the following infographic will present some expert tips and advise that are proven to help pet owners find their lost pet. To summarise, the following points are highlighted and should be applied depending on the type of pet that’s missing.

  • Trace a location where the pet was last seen and leave something that bears your scent there at that location. 
  • Make use of large posters with clear rewards including your telephone number and a recent picture of your pet. You never know someone might have useful information that would lead to finding your pet.
  • Hand out fliers and/or business cards with relevant information about your lost pet to people in your local area. Make sure your telephone number is clearly visible on the card.
  • Use a microchip in addition to a pet ID tag. This way, your pet could be easily identified, if found and possibly returned to your door step.
  • Visit and keep in contact with veterinarians and animal shelters.
  • Share information on social media and ask others to share. Your notification could go viral this way thereby increasing the chances of your pet being found.

recovering lost pets - found on vetstreet_com

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