Knowing The Basic Types Of Pokies And Slots

Online pokies and slots use the same basic concept as the physical machines: a player adds money, pulls a lever or pushes buttons and waits for the results. The term “slots” refers to a gambling machine design that has three or more reels that spin during game play, and “pokies” usually refers to slots but may mean an automated poker game. Various styles and types of slots and pokies are available online, and games often have different rules for gameplay and bonuses. For any person who wants to gamble or already does, knowing the standard pokies and slots types is necessary for game selection.

Progressive slot machines add to the jackpot each time a person places a bet a game. As more game are played with no winners, the main jackpot increases. A player usually has to make increasingly higher bets on a progressive machine to qualify for a chance at the main jackpot.

Single payline pokies or slots only pay on one line, row or column combination on the screen. Some games have multiple paylines, allowing the player to bet on more than one line in the same game. Betting methods vary for multiple payline pokies or slots; a player might have to bid the highest amount allowed to open more paylines or pay for each payline. Payline rules vary by game, so a player must read instructions beforehand to avoid making mistakes or betting on the wrong payline.

Slots and pokies have multipliers. A straight multiplier means the player gains no extra advantage from playing a maximum bet. For example, if a machine takes two coins total but pays $100 for winning on a one-coin bet and $200 for winning on a two-coin bet, it’s a straight multiplier. A bonus multiplier means the player can earn more if she makes a higher bet. For example, a bonus multiplier game that has a maximum bet of three coins might give a player $100 for winning on one coin, $300 for a two-coin bet and $700 for a maximum bet. The player is rewarded for playing a second and third coin.

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