3 Android Games Everyone Gets Addicted To, You Including

Games are without a doubt the most popular kind of apps in the Android market. In Google Play, everyone will find something for themselves as there are games of absolutely all kinds of genres we can think of.  However, there is also a group of games which absolutely everyone loves and gets addicted to regardless of their tastes and likes as shown below.

Fruit Ninja

In this game, you become a ninja whose task is to slash fruit like a true pro ninja fighter. You have to slash all kinds of fruit (such as watermelons, apples, pineapples, mangos, pears, bananas) and avoid bombs. Each and every fruit is slashed with a slightly different sound and visual effect.  Start playing the game and you will discover how fast time can fly.

Fruit Ninja Android Game

Cut the Rope

This is one of the most disarming puzzle-type games for Android. As its name suggests, you have to cut the rope to feed a small frog-like creature with a candy. If you cut the rope at the wrong moment,  the candy will land outside of the frog’s mouth and the frog will cry. We certainly don’t want that, do we?
Cut the Rope Android Game

Granny Smith

In most games, we play strong and powerful heroes. Not in this one, though. Here you play Granny Smith, a sweet old lady who loves her green apples. However, a mischievous thief is stealing the apples and Mrs Smith (that is YOU) must put an end to it. Are you ready to pursue your beloved fruit while roller-skating through farms,  fields, meadows and goldmines?
Granny Smith Android Game

These three games have gained enormous popularity among Android users (and other platforms as well).  If, somehow, you don’t know them yet, you should definitely give them a try. Once you do this, you will not be able to put your device down for hours.

50 Replies to “3 Android Games Everyone Gets Addicted To, You Including”

  1. i remember my cousin playing fruit ninja, how fun its for kids and addictive it is.

    i believe you even forgot one game, that is subway surfers.

  2. Interesting games. Thanks for sharing, Fruit Ninja is my favorite game. all games are really addictive. i cant stop playing game even when i am working in office but its always good to play games with hacks it helps us to complete the level of games

  3. I love fruit ninja, I always play that in my tab. I don’t know the 2 other games, but after reading this article, surely i will download it and play it.

  4. You should update this list to include Pokemon Go. Have you seen people out there lately? It’s like a soft version of a zombie apocalypse! This list should definitely include Pokemon Go.

  5. Hey,

    Thanks for sharing such a great article.

    Cut the rope is one of my favorite app and I kill my time playing that. Glad I found some more too. Thanks once again

  6. Hello,

    Nice post. The collection of the Android phone games is really good. I personally like fruit ninja.

    Thanks for sharing this information. Keep sharing this type of information. Thanks.

  7. Hi,
    This a great list of Android games and I am really happy because my favorite android game Cut The Rope is included in this list. I really enjoyed while reading your post thanks for sharing this post.

  8. Great. I play Fruit Ninja and it’s my one of favorite game. but other 2 game I don’t play. but after I see this article I am now downloading this game and playing now.

  9. I have already installed Great Ninja and Cut the Rope on my hTC Desire V. But now i will also install Granny Smith on your recommendation. Thanks for this nice article.

  10. Truly some crazy games!! I have these three installed in my droid. I want add Subway Surfer in this list because it’s my favorite game. I have scored 4,77,785 which I think is really high. Currently reached London in the game. 🙂

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