Top 5 Paid Android Games You Should Play At Least Once!

The android platform is doing wonderfully well in the mobile market. The main reason for its popularity could be attributed to the availability of thousands of android apps which can be broadly classified into paid and free categories. Here we will discuss top five paid android game  apps briefly –

Where’s My Water?


“Where is my water” is a super hit physics-based challenging puzzling game published by Disney for popular mobile platforms such as android, blackberry, iOS, and Windows. The new mode of this wonderful game is available now with more than four hundred levels. Furthermore  the game comes with incredible graphics, intuitive soundtracks, and vibrant controls. If you want to be successful in this game, you have to be smart and don’t forget to keep an eye for traps, algae, triggers, and toxic ooze. You will have to move through fresh and dirty water with increasing game levels. Bonus levels can be unlocked with perfect strategies and the right techniques.

Temple Run – Brave

Temple Run _ Brave

Temple Run – Brave is a new application with new look and incredible features. This is an endless running application developed by Imangi Studios. In this interesting game, players are chased from the temple by monkeys. The game is an endless running adventure with plenty of obstacles on the way. Players have to turn, duck or jump as soon as they approach obstacles. Players are also free to collect coins during play so as to earn bonus points.

Where’s My Perry?


This is the latest physics-based puzzler released by makers of the “Where is my water” application. Here you have to use water in different states including ice, liquid, and gas to become a winner. You can also use different type of lasers to change water to different states. The game is blessed with incredible graphics, intuitive soundtracks, and vibrant controls. There are a total of four chapters with more than 80 puzzles in this game.

Asphalt 7 – Heat

Asphalt 7

Asphalt 7 – Heat is a wonderful game in the asphalt series that was released in 2012 for android and iOS operating systems. The game is very similar to previous games in the asphalt series where a player has the option of tilting the smart phone.  There are also short-cuts for racing lovers with excellent techno music. The game can be made global by Internet connection or online multiplayer mode. The game has a total of sixty four cars divided into seven categories. The game has already acquired several positive reviews from users and was rated eight out of ten by IGN.

Temple Run –Oz

Temple Run _Oz

If you are a lover of the temple run series then “Temple Run OZ” is the right platform to try something new. There are plenty of new things that will fulfill your expectations. All you have to do is swipe your fingers in the right direction to become a winner. You have to run, duck or jump quickly with your chosen character to avoid obstacles. There is also magnet power to collect money on the way.  The amount of money earned will be displayed in a small box on the right-hand side of your screen. Furthermore, you will have to face certain challenges to progress from one level to another. This is indeed a very interesting version of Temple Run 2 that is doing amazingly well in the android market.

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