Common Password Mistakes To Avoid

Consumers cannot afford to have simple and ineffective passwords for their gaming, email, banking and other internet-based accounts. Hackers are sophisticated and known to wreak havoc on weak passwords that are easy to decipher. A recent report by Ryan Tackabury highlighted some ways that people can improve their passwords to avoid exposing their sensitive information.

Tackabury asserted that consumers should avoid ever setting their passwords as “password.” Although this may seem obvious to many, some people simply do not understand the dangers of improper password security.

games password security

Another good rule of thumb when creating a password is to avoid common words found in the dictionary. The writer explained that some people may think that spelling a word backwards or misspelling words is effective, but consumers should also avoid these approaches, because they too are ineffective solutions.

Sequence-based passwords are popular among some people because they are easy to remember. These phrases, which may include “abcd” or other patterns, however, are also dangerous, according to Tackabury. They, too, are not an effective safeguard against attacks.

Consumers who have multiple accounts likely use the same password for each. Although this is convenient, it is not the safest approach. Tackabury cited a study conducted by Microsoft as evidence of the dangers with this situation. The report explained that cybercriminals often obtain a user’s password from websites with limited security and then use this information to access more sensitive information like banking accounts.

Instead of writing down a number of phrases on a piece of paper in order to remember this information, people should consider the benefits of a password manager. Such tools help customers by creating effective passwords that are harder to crack and take away the burden of always updating or remembering multiple phrases.

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