Kinect Games: Top Fitness Games for Women

Xbox 360 Kinect has made gaming experience a reality. We can now burn the extra pounds as well as enjoying the game that we want on our favorite Xbox 360. Here are the top fitness games that would really help you out to get in shape and have a great deal of fun while playing in front of your TV screen.

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The Biggest Loser

Jillian and Bob are our best trainers of all time. They had done wonderful fitness techniques to make those obese contestants lose the deserving extra pounds that had been sitting in inside their belly. With The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout for the Kinect, players of all ages can enjoy and follow what Jillian and Bob instruct. You will see the real workout that those contestants on the reality game do. You will feel the pain as well as sweating your gut out while performing the routines.

EA Sports Active

EA Sports Active 2 is not just a video game, it is also an exercise program. You play it on your Xbox 360 and use the Microsoft Kinect sensor. It is not about fun but it is definitely about getting in shape.

As an exercise program, you can get a lot of things to do that will burn your calories and the game has so much to offer so as to exercise all parts of your body. It is better to have a bigger space to move around freely. Patience is needed as well to complete the routines that the Active 2 demands. You will really enjoy the exercises and the results on your body figure after religiously performing the workouts of the game.

Zumba fitness Core

Fitness routines became fun when Zumba was introduced to health buff individuals. Indeed, Zumba has been the workout trends especially for women who want to stay fit as well as to those who want to have a height and body proportionate figure.

Fortunately there is now a Zumba with Xbox Kinect. This is the real deal because our body movements are detected by the Kinect sensor as we move and follow the dance routines to work our core. It is a lot of fun and we feel good after classes. There are also a great variety of dance tracks as well as styles of dances to follow. There is no doubt that Zumba is definitely one of the best fitness games in the market.

Nike + Kinect Training

Is game going to get you fit? Well, I haven’t tried this game yet unlike the other fitness gaming programs that I have mentioned. I have checked the reviews online via Youtube and many users say they enjoy the fitness routines that Nike+ has given to all who take time to try and follow the workout routines. Reviewers are also saying that Microsoft has done a good job of having the Nike+ Kinect Training game on their lists of available games for the Kinect Sensor.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012

This game is a sequel version of the Your Shape Fitness. In this updated version, they have improved the floor tracking which includes sit-ups, push-ups and other floor workouts. In addition, I am happy to inform you that Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 now offers floor tracking which has really enhanced the Kinect response. Furthermore, there are many important changes from the original Your Shape Fitness for example, the background exercises as well as the workout routine programs that target the toning of your core muscles. Whilst there may be some imperfections like in everything else, there are also a lot of massive improvements.

In conclusion, you know what is important about these fitness games? You enjoy them at the same time as getting yourself in shape.

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  1. A very effective way to lose weight. Kinect games will help you become fit while you are enjoying it. You may feel the sweat, but you keep on moving in the beat of the songs and make your muscles move more.

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