What Kind Of Gamer Are You?

madgamersAnyone who has spent a lot of time in the gaming world knows that just like in the modern world – where the way we dress, the friends we keep and the music we listen to defines us – the types of games we play reveals the truth about ourselves, too. Today, we are going to help you define what kind kind of gamer you are. Yes, there are millions of games and gamers around the world that it would be hard to narrow down the categories. However after discussing it with some fellow gamers, we decided to break down the kinds of gamers in these 7 main categories. Read on and find out where you belong.

Well you know what kind of games you like, but do you really know what kind of gamer you are?

The Party/Social Gamer

The party/social gamers are gamers who love the crowd. Having friends over to their house to play split screen games are their usual Saturday nights. They are the ones who go to meet-ups or invite friends online to join their games.  Any game with a strong online community is very attractive to them.

Notable Games:  Family Game Night, Rock Band, Dane Central, Farmville etc.

The Beat-Em-Uppers

The Beat-Em-Uppers are the gamers who love the “Versus” type of games and loves bragging rights that goes with it when they beat their opponent. They have fantastic memories because they can remember all kinds of moves and keys combination to give a combo/fatal hit to their opponent.

Notable Games:  Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken etc.

The Racer

The racer – of course – has only one desire: to go fast and win big. These are car lovers and it’s possible that they channel all their speed demons in race games.

Notable Games: Forza Motorsport, Need For Speed, Miami Vice etc.

The RPG Grinder

The RPG Grinders are the most serial gamers of the bunch. For them the thrill is in the slow chase and meticulous repetition and for their characters to level up. Games are purchased, they eat in front of their playing stations and sometimes their addiction can be fatal that playing becomes more important than sleep.

Notable Games: World of Warcraft, Ragnarok, Battle Realms, etc

The Shooter

The Shooter is a type of gamer that usually feels that they are so strong and macho primarily because they love using game guns. Hardcore shooter fans are growing rapidly because shooting games available today are becoming more and more challenging and interesting. No matter which you play, you’re in for a fight.

Notable Games: Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Moder Warfare, Black Ops.

The Dreamer

The dreamer is a type of gamer who loves life simulator games. It is likely that this gamer will create their own family in games, build their own restaurant, or be a star in their virtual world. Usually all of what they are doing is what they dream to happen in real life.

Notable Games: Sims, Jojo Fashion, Cooking Academy etc

The Learner

Believe it or not, some people just love tests and exams so much that even in their leisure time (or playing time) they want to be tested. These are the learner type of gamers. They enjoy playing games to test their knowledge, wisdom and cunning.

Notable Names: Who wants to be a millionaire, Plants vs Zombies, Puzzle Quest, etc

So there you have it, the types of gamers. Do you feel like you fit into one of these categories? Or maybe you are a mixture of two or more? Whatever category you belong in, my two cents would be to enjoy each game as if it’s your last.

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  1. That’s actually a good question. Never thought of it that way. For me, it’s been an evolution of sorts as a kid I started out doing the learning stuff before getting into games. Beatem uppers as you call them were my game of choice back then, but I’ve since evolved to RPG then shooter games. I’ve been trying to cut down on time though so I’m slowly moving into games where you don’t continue your character as much, at least trying to.

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