Gaming Chair: Do You Really Need One?

gaming chair

As gamers we know that gaming takes up several hours in our day and in that time frame, our body takes a beating from all the sitting that occurs. Sounds a little bit too extreme for just staying in one spot, right? But we gamers know how that actually feels, especially if we’re just using a cheap fold-out chair, an uncomfortable office chair for our PC gaming, or sitting on the floor because the couch is too far away from the TV. Whatever it may be, most or all of us have thought about upgrading to a gaming chair. Now there’s going to be some doubters out there that question if a gaming chair is really needed and my answer to that is, yes if you don’t want to be uncomfortable anymore and want to boost your gaming experience a bit. Still skeptical about it? Well here’s a few benefits that you could get out of a gaming chair.

Longer Comfort

As I mentioned earlier, we gamers want to be comfortable during our long hours of gameplay and gaming chairs can help with that. If you buy a gaming chair that’s suited to your way of sitting and is adjustable enough throughout the hours it’s used, it can help relieve backaches, leg cramps, that ache you get in your neck, and lessen that sore bum problem we all get. There’s several different types of chairs you could choose from according to your gaming needs which I will get into detail some more later in this article but the most common ones are going to be a “rocker” chair and a PC chair. When looking into buying either of these, make sure to look for ones that can support your neck, have a high back to ease the pain in your shoulders and lower back, some sort of motion system whether it rocks back and forth or it’s adjustable to lean back comfortably, and a comfy cushion to sit on.

Selection Of Gaming Chairs

If you’ve finally succumbed to buying a gaming chair or just shopping around, you’ll run into several different types of the product. When you’re looking around for the perfect chair to meet your gaming needs, there are a couple of factors to consider. Overall look and design is the first thing that most of us gamers want to have, but be sure to add comfort and durability to that list. After all, if it looks good but doesn’t really last long or makes you want to stay in it forever, then it’ll probably end up as a display. Now the two gaming chairs I mentioned earlier “rocker” and PC chair comes in quite a variety in most stores that sell them.


This type of gaming chair is what every gamer usually starts off with because of its ergonomic design. It’s designed to basically be a floor chair and has the purpose of rocking back and forth for your comfort. The back of the chair is normally high, so that means it is good for your back, shoulders, and neck. Now these chairs can get expensive if you look at the high-end ones. Those typically have more features like: pockets for your controllers, cup holders, and built-in speakers for a better audio experience.

PC Chair

Commonly known as office chairs, unless you buy an actual gaming PC chair. When you’re looking at these types of chairs, remember that a lot of them are going to be office chairs, but there will be some out there that are specifically designed for gaming comfort. A good chair with a high back, arm rest, a comfy seat, and a neck support is always something to look for when buying a PC chair. The gaming-geared chairs will sometimes like the “rocker” come with built-in speakers that can have two options of wired or wireless connection. Like the other chair above, PC chairs can get expensive if you’re looking at one that is decked out in design and features.

Overall, both chairs will range in price along with the ergonomic design. If those two aren’t really in your interest, then buying a bean bag chair is always an option. But why would you want to deal with flattened beans after a couple days of playing?

For us gamers, who spend a lot of time sitting, investing in an ergonomic chair will definitely save our body in the long run. Who would really want to put up sitting on the floor or constantly having to get up from a stiff chair because it’s uncomfortable? Not to mention it ruins your focus on what you’re playing and can sometimes take away the enjoyment of gaming. No gamer wants that. We all want to enjoy and be able to immerse ourselves in the game and not be disturbed because all of a sudden our bum starts to ache. We just want to sit in a comfortable chair, feel relaxed, and enjoy our gameplay for the next few hours. So are gaming chairs really worth it for us gamers? I would say, definitely. Besides who wouldn’t want a sleek and comfortably designed chair to go with their gaming console or PC rig?

12 Replies to “Gaming Chair: Do You Really Need One?”

  1. I think gaming chairs are a personal preference. For many people it will be a case of using it to get immersed right into a game making it more realistic. At other times a standard chair will do the trick.

  2. Hi Frank,

    Well written, of course, I would say, pc chair and gaming chair are different from each other. If anyone really needs to feel comfortable while gaming they should go for a pure gaming chair. Not a traditional office chair.

  3. Hello Frank,

    Amazing article as always. I think that gaming chair is good not only for personal comfort, but it also improves overall gaming experience ..

  4. I am using X Rocker gaming chair and this is great. Most important thing you pointed out in this article is ergonomic design. Without ergonomic design gaming chair can cause serious back pain.

  5. Hi Frank Lewis,

    You write well about this gaming chair. I have a chair reviews website, where i also featured this awesome gaming chair. This gaming chair is really great and fulfill your gamer readers requirements.

    Thank you

  6. I am a game lover and l prefer a game chair to other normal chairs which are uncomfortable and my back starts paining.I love this chair ,its very nice and cool.

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