This Video Game Can Transform You From Guitar Novice To Expert

Ever thought of learning to play a guitar? The good news is that you may now be able to swap your air guitar for the real thing, thanks to a new video game called Rocksmith. According to the makers, even the most musically challenged can learn how to play in just a few sessions. This is backed up by a Toluna Consumer Survey which found that 95 per cent of players improved at playing the guitar. Similarly, Research Strategy group Inc claimed that ‘it was the fastest way to learn guitar’.


The software, now in its second year, is developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It works by allowing users to plug their electric guitar into their consoles via a ‘Hercules’ adapter. The Hercules adapter is a USB cable that connects the guitar’s output jack. Although acoustic guitars can also be used, they may require additional hardware.

The game monitors how you play, dynamically adjusting the skill levels to suit your level of expertise. Over time, more notes and phrases are introduced and before you know it you will be playing your favourite songs note for note.

On screen there is a virtual fretboard with coloured notes housed in coloured lanes that indicate what you should play on the guitar.

To help track your progress, difficulty, previous scores and lyrics are all shown at the top of the screen. You can join the growing number of players who are turning to YouTube to show off their achievements – with some videos already scoring hundreds of thousands of hits.

18 Replies to “This Video Game Can Transform You From Guitar Novice To Expert”

  1. Used to play this game on my xBox back in the day. It was a fun way for my kids to learn how to play a guitar and I enjoyed it even though I was an experienced guitarist. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  2. It’s a fun game but it really isn’t going to help you learn the guitar, pressing the buttons in nothing like holding the strings down and the spacing is different. Still enjoyable though!

  3. It looks awesome. The game helps people to learn how to play guitar. Preety cool indeed. But this has a limitation. Though it is fine to know the basics of the guitar by this app, playing guitar in real life is not that easy. It takes years to make someone fell excellent by your playing. And if someone doesn’t have the right guitar is his hand its hard play guitar that easy like this game.

    There is some great guitar now out in the market. Just search for it. Find your’s best acoustic guitar. And booooom, start to rule the guitar world with your beautiful playing.

    best of luck

    Jon Headrick

  4. This is a great video game development that will indeed transform you to an expert. If you are aspiring to become a professional guitarist this is absolutely meant for you.

  5. This game is extremely fun and I agree…it does teach some fundamentals relative to playing a real guitar. If you are thinking of starting to play and would like free guitar lessons please visit my site where I will be regularly posting free content 🙂

  6. @D Wentworth, I think you made a good point here but it may give some basic idea of playing a guitar but will never ever teach you playing guitar at 100%. People who wants to learn guitar, they are definitely going to enjoy this game.

  7. I don’t think this comes close to actually playing a real guitar and learning that way, but I do find merit in any video game that can act as a supplement to lessons. This beats 99% of games out there that really have no benefit besides maybe some hand-eye coordination improvement.

  8. This is a great video game development that will indeed transform you to an expert. If you are aspiring to become a professional guitarist this is absolutely meant for you.

  9. Why wasn’t I ever this creative when it came to coming up with something to help young people learn the guitar? I’ve seen ads for the game and the concept looks entertaining. Much better than all the nights I spent forcing my fingers to form a bare chord!

  10. This looks like a fantastic game to learn the guitar. It could perhaps be the answer to those who had difficulties learning the guitar. Thank you for sharing.

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