What’s Up For Samsung?

What The Samsung S5 Must Have

galaxy s6The S5 will surely be a beast. There is no doubt that Samsung will decorating their new flagship with monster specs and other features that will be ultimately adjudged as useless. Okay, the smart scroll is cool but do you really use it? In the first place, does it work? Perhaps, Samsung spent the half of last year perfecting the novelty features of the S4 and try to incorporate it to the new S5. On all indications this may not be the case. Samsung repeatedly made mention in the past that the new smartphones will go back to the basics. Perhaps, Samsung realized that phones are primarily about calling and texting and that having a paltry battery life will discourage buyers from the product.

Samsung Aims To Revive Huge Sales

Samsung is gambling that a combination of wearable tech, an improvement of the dismal Galaxy Gear, and a robust OS will be the key to reviving huge sales. Watches that can help people monitor vital signs and can tell people of stress and anxiety levels can be the ticket to better performance this 2014. We certainly hope Samsung be able to regain its foothold because Lenovo is breathing down its neck.

It is crucial for Samsung to make that bold move in order to revive its glory after claiming the top spot and pushed Nokia which is now languishing somewhere at the bottom. The new leadership at Microsoft and the return of Bill Gates into the saddle can be a potent combination that would revive Microsoft’s bid to dominate the smartphone OS as well. And that may be the reason why we are now seeing more glimpses of the new Samsung Windows Phone.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy is the best. The first time I used Samsung smartphone was 3 years ago. Up to now I haven’t change to other brand. I’m looking forward to Samsung Galaxy S8.

  2. Yes..i updated today’s morning. No more frequent crashes or lags. Battery is not draining likewise earlier. Keypad also seems to be stable. Battery is not draining fast. Overall experience is good so far

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