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If you’re a big fan of first person shooters, then you’ll love the game Titanfall, which was developed by Respawn Entertainment, the studio that’s staffed by many former developers that have worked on the legendary Call of Duty franchise. Before its release, it was one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year. The game has been published by Electronic Arts and was released back in March of 2014 to critical acclaim, as it has won over 60 awards ever since it was first unveiled.

What exactly is Titanfall?

Titanfall is a first person shooter game that adds a unique mechanic to its gameplay: the control of gigantic, mechanical exosekeltons, which are called “Titans” in the game’s lore, but have been called mechas in past games of this genre. There were a ton of “mecha” games that were released back in the 90s and early 2000s that grew a large fan base, but for the most part, the genre had been forgotten by most major publishers until this new game was announced back in 2013.

The Story

The lore of the game is set in the future where war torn mining colonies have been set up on distant planets. The main conflict revolves around the Interstellar Mining Corporation and the Militia as they duke it out for supremacy. Generally first-person-shooter-games will give players a single player campaign to understand the story and lore, and then let them participate in online multiplayer to play with friends or random competitors over the Internet. Titanfall switches this up a bit, as there is no offline single-player mode. The entire story is contained within the online multiplayer game-play, which features a well constructed plot and many single-player elements to keep fans engrossed in the world. In addition to the player mechanics, the game also revolves around the completion of “team-based” objectives, where players will have to strategize with their teammates in order to complete their missions.

The Mechanics

The game takes classic FPS tropes and puts them into hyper drive. Normally in shooting games, players are relatively slow and are forced to “jog” to and from enemy engagements with a few seconds of sprinting to use in dire circumstances. In this game, players will be able to run up walls, jump over large obstacles, use ziplines, fly with a jetpack, and use deadly combo attacks with its variety of weaponry and special abilities. In addition to its FPS mechanics, the game is also heavily inspired from other successful genres, such as RPGs. There are three different classes in the game to choose from: the heavy Ogre class, medium Atlas class, and light Stryder class. In addition to that, there are a variety of special abilities to choose from, such as cloaking fields, regeneration, and x-ray vision. Players can choose from ten different weapons, and each of them are completely customizable and have their own special strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, Titanfall is one of the greatest games of 2014 and should be given a shot by anyone who is a serious fan of FPS games or science fiction in general.

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  1. Respawn has also addressed concerns about performance – never a serious issue on PC, but a problem on Xbox One during multi Titan face-offs. As Microsoft’s system updates have given the development team more CPU and RAM resources to work with, stuttering isn’t so frequent or so game-breaking, and overall the experience has now become quite smooth.

    Some might say that Titanfall isn’t the next-gen showcase game we were promised. It uses Valve’s aging Source engine, though with some modifications, and its lighting isn’t as sophisticated or its textures as bursting with detail as those in Destiny, Assassin’s Creed: Unity or Far Cry 4.

    Yet going back to Titanfall we’re surprised how good it looks. The unit design and animation is fantastic, and the best-looking stages are ripe with stylish elements and nice details. The worst are victims of the kind of generic, industrial battleground clichés that we’re all familiar with from Call of Duty, Battlefield and just about every FPS since Doom, but even then they function as a canvas for scenes of spectacular sci-fi battle. The sheer scale makes Titanfall feel cinematic in a way that only Battlefield 4 can match.

  2. Titanfall is a must have for any fan of arena-based gaming. What it may lack in features like interactive maps, game modes, and objectives it makes up for in sheer fun and entertainment.

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