How to Promote a Beauty-Salon: Simple Rules of the Game

Due to information distortion, many people think that Instagram is the main media platform for attracting and informing customers. However, it is important to remember that beauty services are a complex product and even selling them with a high-quality photo, cute eyeliner and emoji is not as easy as we would like. Instagram is not a magical customer magnet for your beauty-business, and only with a serious and informed approach, it can become an effective marketing tool.

Not everyone can invest big budgets on Instagram, however, even without large financial infusions, your account will bring in leads if you make it part of a customer engagement funnel. This means that at whatever stage the client gets on your Instagram profile – before becoming familiar with the service portfolio/price/ website, between these stages or after – the salon account should be another pro for your benefit.

Rules of the game: Instagram algorithms 2018 to work with online networks

  • Pseudo-experts have produced a lot of information about the terrible algorithms of Instagram and “effective secrets of promotion.” So there were myths about the shadow bath on hashtags, mandatory transfer of hashtags to the first comment and that if you edit a post within 24 hours after publication, only 1% of subscribers will see it. When reading such news, always include critical thinking and check information from reliable sources. Here are the main rules for ranking content in the user’s feed, which is officially confirmed by Instagram:
  • A speed of user involvement in content after publication. By involvement we mean comments (the most powerful sign of interest in the subject-matter), likes, saving to bookmarks, clicking on “more”, watching videos, browsing through photo galleries, turning comments. The faster and more intensively users react to your post, the better is its visibility in subscribers’ tapes.
  • Responses to comments and the speed at which responses appear. This signals the algorithms that the content is being discussed and this topic may be of interest to subscribers. A quick response to user comments is not only a game for ranking but also a must-have for good community marketing.
  • How long users interact with the post. The more time users explore your publication, the better the content is considered.
  • The relevance of content to the interests of the user. Here the role is played by the correct description of the undertaking profile, the text of the connections to the posts and the use of information leads in communication. The closer all this is to the interests of the user, the greater the likelihood that your post will appear in his feed.
  • Use new Instagram features. This is not something that the ranking rule, but rather a logical continuation of the first point – everything new attracts the audience and increases its involvement in the subject.

Text in Instagram

In addition to the obvious texts in the layouts for posts, there are texts that are less noticeable, but play the same important role in the content marketing your business strategy.

  • Name (username) of the profile. Imagine an exchange of a few words between two friends when one of them recommends the Beauty Madam beauty salon. In order not to forget the name, the second girlfriend wants to quickly find it on Instagram and subscribe, and later get acquainted with the services. She introduces “beauty madam” and sees a selection of 10 accounts with the same words, only in different variations. There is no time to search for the account you need, the application is closed, the name is forgotten after 2 minutes – the salon has lost a potential client. It turned out that the account name is @b_madam_london, so the user did not find it. Try to match the name of your account to the name of your salon and do not dilute it with nicknames (dots, underscores), so the user will quickly find it in the search.
  • The text on the profile photo (avatar) is also an identifier in the search. It should be readable and clearly visible on the avatar. If the name is long and consists of several words, you can use an abbreviation or salon logo. To make the text on the photo better read, use a contrasting background.
  • Profile name. This is an additional line in the business profile settings, which is also shown in the search and serves as a profile description. Add the main identification details that identify your occupation.
  • Account description – this is text in 150 characters under profile photo. Here you can register USP, work schedule, recording features, discounts. In the account description, separate lines go: physical address, website + buttons: phone, e-mail, maps – all these items should be filled in to give full information to users.
  • Subtitles for stories. Stories with the text, according to statistics, cause more interest of users, besides, without the text accompaniment, the message of the photo/video is sometimes incomprehensible. Pay attention to the readability of the text on different screens (sometimes it can be cut off, so do not place the text close to the edges) and do not forget about the balance of the text in the story, so as not to overload people with content.
  • Lyrics for submarine posts. There are no standards for successful layouts. The style and length of the texts depend on the characteristics of the content strategy of promoting your beauty salon or cosmetology centre. However, the more complete the details in the eyeliner, the higher the probability that the text will interest and engage the reader. Try to always provide descriptions with a price (if we are talking about services or products), USP, contact information (without specifying the site name, as references to Instagram are not active, and you just waste characters), a call to action.

Visual content

In spite of established opinion, I will note that visual content that is engaging and interesting for a user is not always perfectly touched up pictures with impeccable light and composition or video from a cool production studio. Yes, visually pleasing content attracts more users, but it should have emotional content and carry meaning. The benchmark for the quality of visual content – the photo tile on your Instagram page, when browsing through, should have a single pleasant visual style, be moderately diverse and serve as navigation for the user.

If you have images with text, it is better not to take the standard templates of visual editors – so your content will be difficult to distinguish in the tape. Use a corporate font and colors, think over several options for placing text for different types of images and create your own unique templates that will be part of the visual style of your brand.

Another popular opinion is that video in a tape is ranked better than a photo. This is not entirely true. They are ranked in the same way, simply, as a rule, a video is a more interactive format and receives more interactions, so its visibility in the tape is slightly higher.  

Sales promotion devices

Hashtags. Promotion in this way does not show much efficiency, but after introducing the subscription function to hashtags, they got a second chance to prove their professional suitability. According to analytics, the most likely to bring customers to you are medium-, low frequency (eg: # make-upsnewyorkfifthavenue) and branded hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags. You can also use hashtags to navigate users so that they can quickly find the desired content (for example, mark the results of services with special hashtags so that the user can see the portfolio of works on them).

Advertising. The cost of targeted advertising will be different – it all depends on the settings. Feel free to advertise on Instagram using Facebook Business Manager – it is more convenient to control several campaigns at the same time and manage settings. The effectiveness of advertising is influenced by the offer itself (the benefit/value you offer), the content (text + photo/video) and the audience settings. We advise you to make 2-3 options for advertised posts for each campaign – so you can test the effectiveness of each of them and choose the most effective message.

Cooperation with bloggers. The effectiveness of such cooperation is influenced by several factors: the quantity and quality of mentions of your matter in the blogger’s publications, the quality of the blogger’s audience, the relevance of the offer to the audience. For cooperation, it is better to choose niche bloggers, even with a small number of subscribers, and to do a campaign with several systematic references. In order not to be mistaken with a blogger, pay attention not only to the number of subscribers but also to the quantity and quality of likes and comments. See that the comments were meaningful, and check the profiles of those who leave comments (so that there are not too many representatives from other countries/cities).

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