Why You Need a Freight Forwarding Partner in Your Supply Chain

For any business owner, trying to import and export their goods internationally can be one of the most grueling tasks to be done, especially with all of those complicated knots and bolts associated with the process. From tons of paperwork to laws and regulations of international trade, things can be quite confusing indeed.

That’s why freight forwarding services offered by companies like Excelsior has been one of the most reputable methods of business-related transportation in the modern world.

However, it may seem of surprise everybody to know that the freight forwarding industry started to exist as early as the 18th century. English innkeepers were known to be the very first freight forwarders at that time, offering their services to guests by holding their personal belongings like baggage, merchandise, etc. This bright idea of carrying services gave inspiration to all of the freight forwarding companies that we know today.

Having a freight forwarding partner can lessen all the difficulties and worries in shipping. From assisting you in completing the necessary documents to ensuring the proper condition and arrival of your products, freight forwarders will always have your back.

There are six  basic stages in the process of freight forwarding:

  • Export Haulage- The process of bringing the goods from the shipper’s location to the freight forwarder’s warehouse. This can usually take about a few hours depending on the location as well as what kind of product is to be shipped.
  • Item’s checkpoint- The stage where freight forwarders will thoroughly check any problems within the shipments.
  • Export Customs Clearance- Through the help of custom brokers, the products will receive clearance from its country of origin.
  • Importing Customs Clearance- The products will be then checked and receive another clearance by the authorities of the destination country.
  • Destination Handling- The cargo containing all of the products finally reaches the import warehouse.
  • Import Haulage- The final stage wherein the cargo is being transported to its receiver.

According to an article by John Stuart of the International Logistics Centre, having a trusted freight forwarding partner can help you receive an “impeccable customer service” that will greatly reduce the risk of your shipment related problems. In fact, based on a report from The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI), shipping damage to some products like foods and beverages could result in at least 0.5% loss in gross sales. This amounts to a whopping 1 billion a year worth of losses in the U.S. alone.

Another one worth mentioning is that being experts at logistics, they also tend to possess strong contacts with various kinds of carriers working whether through land, air or sea. This helps them to find their clients the best deal for the cost of transportation.

Other than that, very few businesses realize the true benefits of having a freight forwarding partner. Check out this infographic for us to further discuss all of the reasons as to why you need to find yourself a freight forwarding company right now.

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