How Data Science is Revolutionising Web Development

Web development is undergoing a significant revolution due to the rise of data science. Previously. developers have based their creations on data from focus groups, surveys and educated guesses to try and meet the needs of their users. These, however, utilize only a small sample size of the population. With data science, app creators are able to leverage artificial intelligence and the zettabytes of user-generated data provided by IoT to make more user-driven decisions.

Here is exactly how Data Science is transforming web development.

1.    Boosting software production

Gone are the days where developers would just make websites based on their own personal preferences. Data science has made it such that developers can now know exactly what layouts appeal most to their particular niche of consumers and create with this in mind. They can compare with their competitor websites and create software that will better suit their clients.

2.    Upgrades to Web Apps are now automated thus available to users around the clock

Web developers simply need to tap into all the user data produced digitally through social media platforms and online forums to administer updates. It will no longer be a key focus for software companies to hire a team to continuously work on updates as websites will be able to ‘self-learn’ and adapt according to user needs and preferences

3.    Modernizing web development skill sets

Web developers are now being required to have a basic knowledge of data science and to master tools such as Crazy Egg and Google analytics. These Online Project Management tools platforms allow for data to be captured more effectively and analyzed. Mundane tasks are now being taken over by automation and it is a push towards being able to effectively analyze data.

4.    Rise of virtual assistants

Virtual assistants have really changed the structure of businesses. Web apps that can remember our preferences save us a lot of time and energy. These apps have also become trustworthy and essential in scheduling,  generating reminders and as smart repositories or intelligent databases. No longer are shelves of files necessary in offices nor a team of people to manage schedules.

5.    Enhanced personalization

Imagine walking into any restaurants and the waiters already know what you want to order based on a particular day, your mood, and other parameters that you may not even know. This is what data science, through AI does. All the data you put into your phone like your searches, your geolocation, past likes and your interaction with specific brands all feed into databases that are used to personalize your online experiences. Smartphones being developed now come with in-built AI capabilities.


Improves User Experience and impressive foresight are just some of the advantages of incorporating data science in web development. Many web development agencies in India are experiencing enormous growth with IoT taking center-stage, that is why all the developers need to acknowledge this change and take advantage of the many resources data science offers them. They need to up their skill set in order to compete in the emerging market.

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