Cloud Encryption Tips for Businesses

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly crucial to businesses, who welcome its provision as it places less strain on its on-premise servers. As more data goes into the cloud, though, the need for reliable encryption becomes greater.

This infographic from Paradyn explains the various cloud encryption types that are available to businesses. There are three encryption location categories: client-side, in-transit and at-rest.

Client-side encryption occurs before data is uploaded to the cloud, making it the safest option for storing highly sensitive data. In-transit refers to the encryption of data while moving from the user’s computer to the file server and is ideal for businesses with only a small volume of sensitive data.

At-rest encryption, whereby data is kept in an encrypted state on the storage provider’s servers, is also an option for businesses with little or no sensitive data to protect.

As its name would suggest, cloud encryption greatly enhances the security of data, as it cannot be read even if a hacker manages to infiltrate the cloud and access the data. Also, if your physical servers are corrupted and data is lost, you’ll still have a secure copy in the cloud, therefore mitigating the scale of the disaster.

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