What is Nano-Tinting Technology?

Tinting your cars isn’t just cool, it is also beneficial for you as a driver and for your passengers as window films control the harmful effects of heat, glare, ultraviolet damage, and fading. Minimizing heat lets you be more comfortable in your vehicle while reducing A/C costs. Reducing glare helps improve visibility while reducing eyestrain. Rejecting ultraviolet rays protect your eyes and skin from damage while also delaying the fading of your car’s interior.

Since technology is continuously advancing, it’s a good idea to see the latest innovation in car tinting: nano-tinting.

Nano-tints use nanoparticles to create multiple layers of window film which reacts to heat and block ultraviolet rays. As a result, extremely capable high-performance films are produced that can block 91% of infrared heat and 99% of ultraviolet rays.

Besides being capable of blocking heat, nano-tint films are also non-conductive, enhances optical clarity, and gives the vehicle a sleek look.

Since nano-tint films are non-conductive, they are safe for application on rear windows, and they don’t interfere with AM or FM radios, satellite radios, GPS, and the various security systems that are dependent on magnetic waves to function.

There are car owners who refuse to tint their vehicles because of poor visibility concerns. Nano-tint films don’t come with this problem, and it even ensures that neither the driver nor the passenger will get an obstructed view from too dark films.

Nano-tint films are black which means that it adds a timeless and classic aesthetic to your car beside the fact that it makes your driving experience more comfortable. Your vehicle will look more sophisticated than ever once installed with a nano-tint film.

Expounding on the fact that it blocks infrared heat is that the film comes in three shades which lets your vehicle perform better and more efficiently while saving up on fuel and reducing any burden to the engine.

A nano-tint film protects and cools the interior of your vehicle, and Global Tint’s infographic gives more information regarding nano-tinting technology.

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