Top mobile marketing strategies that boost your business

Nowadays, increasing in mobile devices is leading many people active on the internet. The average time spent searching on a mobile phone per month will be approx 87 hours in America, as compared to 34 hours on a desktop. If you really want to run a business, then running a business is not a cup of tea. Running a business is like cooking a perfect dish, you have to put all the efforts on the particular product or service, how do you get the right people to your doorstep? In the digital world, flooded with brands and their articles, how can you remain relevant? It’s not an easy task. The race has to be done by a desire to succeed and, sometimes need to create the strategy. We can’t even imagine a day without using a mobile phone, which means that, as a business owner looking to build a successful brand, you cannot afford without following the marketing strategy.

In 2015, more than 35 per cent of internet pages were served on a mobile phone. In 2018, that number has increased to 52.2percent according to Statista. The category with the maximum percentage of mobile search volume is food & beverage with 72 per cent, following food & beverage are wellness, sports, information, lifestyle, and retail stores. Businesses in these industries and many others will immediately see results when integrating mobile in their strategy. With this information, mobile advertising should still be an issue for all marketers when crafting a robust digital strategy.

Top mobile marketing trends are listed below-


Augmented Reality


Augmented reality supports the real-life environment by virtual components on them, also providing a greater value-add for lower prices. AR is more than just finding ATMs within 50 yards of you, Big data-driven AR can expect and provide according to the customer requirements. Nowadays, augmented reality plays a very important role in our day to day life. Advancement of technologies in every field helps to increase business growth as well as make a simple day to day life also.



Based on Forbes, over 85 percent of customer interactions will be done by Chatbots. Instead of waiting for the clients to chat, any businessman can directly discuss their problem with customers by chatbots on messaging apps. This encourages and does curious customers to using this chatbot or sending them directly also. Chatbots available 24/7 and with the help of this, can remove all the queries from the customers.

Content marketing strategies


Content marketing is a great way to let your customers share their story and market your goods at the exact same time. Consider launching a contest with content to your next occasion. You might consider content inside specific geolocation such as generating a Snapchat or Instagram filter. Then, you can pull all the content that’s using your filter to display live at an event or use for prospective social posts. Playable advertisements are the next generation of user acquisition channels on mobile, they flow play sessions of mobile games inside other apps throughout the cloud, using virtualization program.

Geo-location is must


Two-way communication, cheap beacon emitters, augmented reality, GPS-tracking; the present technological choices open all kinds of possibilities for innovative marketers. As we all know, timing is everything in marketing. Geo-targeting enables us to offer the most relevant content at the precise instant the user may need it, according to their location.

SEO matters the most


Search engine optimization is critical for any company’s marketing efforts. Consumers turn into Google and other search engines if you are searching for a certain product or service, and they should be higher your search ranking, the more you will attract the audience. Nowadays, people rely heavily on their mobile phones. You need to take action to make sure your mobile sites seem high enough in search positions to increase your company’s visibility. Most of the rules that frequently employ SEO efforts are also relevant for mobile-specific sites. Focus on keywords, creating new content frequently, and using links and so on. Unite your standard website’s SEO strategies with mobile and, you will get the best results.

Maintenance is required


In lots of ways, Smartphone’s are just mini computers. There are lots of things a laptop can do that a Smartphone can’t but on the other hand, mobile phones users are so active. Business leaders can and should feel free to incorporate video, sound and images into both their mobile and desktop-focused marketing campaigns. Different mobile devices demand a different strategy with only a few inches of space, a Smartphone screen will display your company’s content quite differently than a PC will. If your website is too crowded and needs an excessive amount of bandwidth, mobile viewers will have an unpleasant experience, and they will navigate away quickly. That’s why responsive design needs to play an integral role in your mobile marketing campaigns. With this technology, you can make sure your site will be clear and appealing to all audiences, even those with Smartphones.

To make sure your responsive design efforts are working, however, you need to test continuously. Before creating a functional site, you also need to hire app developer. Never assume that a brand new page design will work fine in a mobile format. These elements through a range of various Smartphone manufacturers and versions, simply to be sure through the testing, otherwise, you will be facing the problems in the future.

Make it private


A final key strategy, increasing the effectiveness of your mobile advertising and marketing efforts have to analysis the personal angle. While many business leaders understand the value of marketing efforts, 43 per cent of organizations offer you a personalized experience to desktop users, but just 13 per cent deliver the same level of personalization to mobile users. A good deal of companies is passing up the chance to maximize the effects of their mobile outreach. There are several ways that you can make the mobile experience private for your intended audience.

The concluding word


While mobile app Development Company is not the most up-to-date and greatest, it’s nevertheless a strategy that entrepreneurs must be familiar with and understand. A strong digital approach does not ignore the opportunities that mobile advertising provides. It’s a superb improvement to the plan you already have set up.

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