15 Biggest Data Breaches in The Last 15 Years

For companies, making a profit is always the first priority. That means putting a ton of resources in areas such as marketing and product or service development.


It this day and age, when data is more valuable than any best-selling product or marketing strategy, companies need to understand the value in increasing their security as well.

The thing is:

Data breaches have become fairly common across various industries, simply because business owners aren’t prepared. This lack of preparation is due to the fact that they are unaware of how common data breaches are and how much they could lose from cybercrime in general. That being said, being vigilant should be a norm for companies now.

Despite the multiple news reports of major companies suffering from data breaches, there is still a huge disconnect between companies and their security.

Little do business owners know, they are putting not only themselves at risk, but also their loyal customers. Companies can lose millions through a data breach. Aside from that, they’ll have to recover from the tainted reputation they’ll get as well.

That’s why some vigilant companies believe that increasing their cybersecurity is one of the best investments they could make.

This is important:

Throughout the years, countless firms and research groups have conducted studies on data breaches. These valuable statistics and facts are crucial, as they let business owners understand just how much they could lose from data breaches. After going through this list of the biggest data breaches, they’ll probably reach out to the closest cybersecurity provider they can find.

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