Why Are Delivery Drones Taking Off?

While drones have experienced enormous success within the recreational and media spheres, this technology has yet to take off in the deliveries and logistics sector. The past few years have seen significant advances in drone technology, which begs the question: how soon will we have our packages delivered by drone? This article from 2Flow investigates…

The Case for Delivery Drones

Champions of delivery drones claim that this technology could bring about vast improvements in the speed and efficiency of logistics operations. They argue that the integration of drones into the supply chain, and specifically for last mile delivery, could have many benefits for both businesses and consumers. They believe that the use of drones will facilitate faster and cheaper fulfillment, improved last-mile connectivity to remote locations, and a reduced environmental impact.

The Case Against Delivery Drones

Detractors put forward that current technical limitations and legal restrictions make drones an impractical and economically unviable choice for logistics operations. There is also the anti-social aspect, as Costa Samaras, a Civil-Environmental Engineer at Carnegie Mellon, explains: “… every time you would see one of those vans or trucks, you might imagine hundreds of drones in the sky. That has a noise component, it has a visual component, it has a safety component, it has a privacy component.”


While delivery drones do show enormous promise to transform the delivery and logistics industry, there are still too many deterrents for this technology to truly take off. It is only after these hurdles are overcome, that we may see the widespread adoption of delivery drone technology.

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