The Benefits and Downsides of Laser Cutting

If you’re working on industrial manufacturing firms such as construction, automotive, or marine companies and is planning to build something out of steel, plastic, wood, rubber, or even plastic components, then laser cutting may be the best choice for you as it yields an excellent quality of cutting. 

Laser cutting is one of the most beneficial mechanical technology breakthroughs of today’s civilization. This kind of cutting machine utilizes the extreme heat from six kilowatts of energy passing through its beam path and nozzle bore before it hits the plate or the material to be cut. The cutting process starts when the rapid heating of a high-density power melts or completely vaporize the plate. However, its cutting quality can be affected as the relative space of the nozzle bore from the plate is adjusted. 

There are a lot of things that can alter the excellence of its cutting performance, but when it is done in the right way, laser cutting is definitely a reliable tool for cutting. To continue further check out the benefits and downsides of laser cutting technology.

Benefits of Laser Cutting Technology:

  • Efficiency – This mechanical technology is competent in a way that it could be applicable in many industrial materials. With its versatility, it can also work in cutting or burning complex components. 
  • Speed & Performance – With it’s cutting process that is controlled through a computer program, laser cutting can turn a minute work done in seconds, much more available time to accomplish your tasks in line. It is also made for a more foolproof cutting task; it only applies heat in a small area to prevent material deformation.
  • Less Workforce Casualty – Since the machine can be operated by the use of a computer, there is a lesser chance of human intervention that can lead to workplace injuries.

Downsides Of Laser Cutting Technology:

  • Relatively Expensive – Cutting metal sheets often don’t require a large amount of power. Still, the energy consumption of a laser cutting machine can be enormous, as it depends on the number of section to be cut. Also, the room for this machine requires proper ventilation to prevent too much heat that can cause an explosion, which implies that some ventilation adjustments in the area where it will be placed is required.
  • It Cannot Be Used In Some Materials– There may be a lot of materials where it could be used but still, it is not applicable for some materials. Metals such as aluminum and copper cannot be cut by a laser cutting machine.
  • Improper Configuration Can Lead to Combustion –  Combustion can happen when the nozzle is not placed correctly. Materials which is prone in an explosion can blow up as the heat from a laser cutting machine is emitted.

Conclusion: By knowing the proper way of operating modern technologies, our way of life can never be better than ever. You’ll be able to obtain the best out every advanced technology by simply following the do’s and don’ts and choosing the best and reliable mechanical technology provider.

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