5 Useful Local SEO Tips for Your Business

Business is global. The World Wide Web is – worldwide! What else is there to say? It is undeniable how far the Internet can reach today. And through this, business marketers from all parts of the world are able to target a wider field of potential customers.

However, global companies are not the only subjects that exist when it comes to business – so is Local SEO. As I have mentioned, the web is worldwide, but if you have a company which provides services in a tiny area at a small part of the world – wouldn’t you want to be the best in that area? A customer that wants something fixed or requires services which can be easily accessible, would start looking at business establishments in their area to cater their needs.

Local SEO is a strategy that acts like a local section of the yellow page. It aims to get your name and business website to rank high in local searches for people located in the general vicinity. There are ways you can do for this and we’ve listed some of them.

5 Cool Local SEO Tips for Your Business

•Target Audience and Their Needs – get a clear idea of your audience target. These are the defined set of consumers that you will market your products to.

As a business marketer, you must think about your product or services on who it appeals more: men or women? What are the typical ages of people using your products? Does it require certain marital status or income to be able to afford the price of your brand?

Some online research study searching behavior:

– Women use city or town name in searches combined with keywords.

– Men use zip or postal codes in their searches.

– Older people use queries, search terms or full sentences.

– Young people use general terms.

Taking points from these ideas can help you generate strategies on how to best start with your target area.

•Links From Local Sources – getting links towards your site can help increase your online presence and search rankings, and websites linked to you can also help in making your business noticed by search engine algorithms which will bring you in view of your target customers.

However, keep in mind to choose your local sources to get linked. Make sure to choose reputable sites and good strategies.

Some of what you can do is:

– Sponsor Charity Events like school fundraiser, athletics group or non-profits. It is a way of giving back to your community and getting listed on organizational websites. Get links from local newspapers. Newspaper websites provides sources of information through articles or news story. Getting in touch with the local publications can get your business mentioned and linked from a related report from their press coverage.

– Working with local college or university websites is another good local source. Your business can be featured from the sites marketing department.

•Get Listed in Local Business Directories – local directories such as Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare and Hotfrog have important roles in getting your presence known online. They work like the traditional Yellow Pages minus the cost since they have free listings.

Local companies can get their business listed and fill up all the important information as well as the description their business services.

Some good things about free listings are:

– Search engines rank directory entries higher in SERP.

– It is a lot less expensive compared to placing printed ads for your promotion.

– Live links of your site can be included in business listings which search engines will count as backlinks to your sites, and increase your website visitors.

• Get Reviews – consumers tend to use products which other people are using as well. By this, an individual looking for a local business for a particular product or service, most likely, will read reviews to determine if the company can provide them the things they need.

Many business companies shun bad reviews for the fear of getting a bad image. On the contrary, it is encouraged that companies invite reviews – good or bad.

Good reviews can help boost your rankings with search engines as well as bring in more potential clients. Bad reviews are also useful; businesses can take points from these to look on ways to further improve their services and product effectiveness. As more people talk about your company, the more popular you get.

•Web Page Titles – the title tags of your web pages serves as additional information about the link given to the users that tells them what page they are headed to.

Making separate web page titles can give the search engines chance to review more content. These are the blue words that come out in Google SERPs.

The ones mentioned above are some of the tested techniques to make your presence known in your local area. There are still countless of other ways in improving your business with Local SEO strategies. What’s yours?

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