The Rise of Virtual Assistants

Optimum productivity is considered one of the fundamental factors for business success. Over the past decades, businesses around the world have tried different strategies and implemented new and more advanced technologies and tools to help their workforce become more efficient and productive at their jobs. At the same time, business owners and executives have also found their way to become more productive and focus on more critical aspects of their day to day jobs through what is commonly known these days as Virtual Assistants.

For many business owners and executives, multitasking from basic tasks such as scheduling meetings and creating itinerary, to writing reports and creating presentations has always been the bane of their daily work. That is why for many years, C-level executives have relied on their personal secretaries to ease the burden.

However, with the rising employee retention costs that include recruitment, training, benefits, and office rentals, more and more business owners and company leaders are shying away from domestic employees. Rather, they are now retaining the expertise of professionals that are not physically present on their worksite to provide a plethora of administrative assistance, marketing and customer service support, and other minute tasks that are critical to the overall operations of the business. 

The rationale behind this rising trend can be understood easily. With the advancements in mobile technology and the Internet, people have become more flexible in their schedule and are now capable of doing a wide range of tasks whenever, wherever they need to. In the business standpoint, it has also allowed companies, even the small and medium businesses to access a huge pool of business-ready talent which may not be readily accessible in their local area.

For small businesses and start-ups, virtual assistants provide a number of significant advantages. They can help these businesses to maximize their growth during the period when it is not viable nor practical to retain a full-time employee at their office. And unlike traditional secretaries with limited skill sets, companies that provide virtual assistant services can offer companies with professionals equipped with specialized skill sets such as content writing, social media management, video editing and much more.

Another core advantage of hiring a virtual assistant for small business owners is that it will allow them to focus on core processes of running their business while having the peace of mind that the smaller details of their job are getting done professionally. A small caveat, however, in order for this kind of work agreement to work, it’s imperative that you describe the job you are about to delegate to a VA as detailed and specific as possible.

To learn more about the rising virtual assistant industry and the factors that drive for its increased demand for the past recent years, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from OVA Virtual, which details the benefits of hiring and being a virtual assistant:

Benefits for the Business Owner:

·         Lower operational costs

·         Increased productivity

Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant:

·         The office is wherever

·         Controlled working time

Learn more about this topic by checking out the full infographic by OVA Virtual.

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