Dangers of Bicycle Accidents

Aside from the health benefits that we can obtain from bicycle riding, is the advantage of a quicker and cost-efficient means of transportation. However, though it displays a lot of perks, bicycle riding can also be dangerous. 

Over the past two decades, a statistical study states that there have been 47.5 million cyclists at the U.S., which draws the possibility of bicycle accidents, and because of this issue, concerns arise on the citizens particularly riders. Although there are some preventive measures and safety gears accessible in the market, still we cannot erase the fact that accidents know no place, age, gender and time. Riding bicycles, particularly in highways, gains a lot of accidents and there are only a few chances of riders obtaining minimal injuries and wounds. Some of the frequent factors are defective bicycle parts, distracted driver, and door openings.

We are all very much aware of the possible injuries it could cause, and that it could be fatal and life-threatening that is why it is indispensable to educate ourselves first with the appropriate knowledge and needed skills before we use bikes as our primary mode of transportation. 

If you want to know more about the danger of bicycle accidents and what is the right thing to do, check out the infographic below from The Brown Firm.

Dangers of Bicycle Accidents-01

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