Infographic: 3 Most Common Freight Forwarding Scams and How to Avoid Them

The surge of demand for freight forwarders over the past decades  has certainly garnered attention in the global shipping sector. With their specialized expertise in shipping goods from point A to point B on behalf of their clients, freight forwarders have established themselves as one of the most useful components of the modern industrial trade sector.

However, together with the continuously rising demand in freight forwarders is the growing number of swindlers. It is very vital for anyone who’s planning to ship their products abroad to educate their self with the essential information and right process of shipments especially if you’re a first-timer in the industry, as there could be a great chance that you’ll suffer from the hands of scammers.

These frauds can come in three different tactics; one is the holding good for ransom. These persons tend to trick their victims with flowery encouraging words and low rates until you fall for their offer and once you already lend your product on them, the awful reality will hit with a much bigger amount of payment.

Next is the fake company website. While it is allowed to have the same company names, deceivers are using this to scam their potential victims who are not knowledgeable enough to distinguish legitimate services. And, the cargo theft, apparent from what it’s called, these impostors also manipulate their victims with surprising discounts and as they got have your product, you’ll never have it back. Worse they only settle for good with high values.

Before entrusting your products to anyone for shipment it is imperative that you consider doing research on how you can rely on a safe and dependable services.

To know more about freight forwarding scams and you can avoid them, read more at the infographics below from Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics.

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