Desktop users make more typing errors than mobile users

A study was recently undertaken to determine whether more typing errors were made on desktop devices or mobile devices. 

A Typing Game was created to collect the data and to give users an interactive game to play. Users were given 60 seconds to type out as many words as they can from a chosen category – these included sport, UK towns, movies and music. 

Naturally, you’d assume that mobile users would make more errors due to the small nature of the keyboard. In fact, desktop users made 3x more errors than mobile users, a stat that may surprise you. Desktop average scores were higher with users averaging 25.8 words per minute compared to an average of 9.8 words per minute. 

Taking that last statistic into account, it may well be that desktop users are making 3x more errors because they’re typing out 3x more words.

Users might feel the need to be more careful on mobile because of the smaller keyboards and for hyphenated words, the need to switch between different keyboards. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see that mobile users now are far more accurate with their typing than they are on desktop. This is probably partially due to the fact that they are so used to typing out on mobile they know where the keys are, but this study shows people are far more accustom to their mobiles. 

The infographic below shows the full results of the study including the average scores of the study and a breakdown of the errors made between desktop and mobile users. 

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