Top 8 Problems Found in New York Building Inspections

The city of New York has many attractions like Central Park and The Empire State building. The city also has Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. For many Americans, going to New York is the ultimate dream.  Whether it is because of the many things you can do or the opportunity that waits, New York City can offer more than you can grasp. 

However, if you are planning to live there, be reminded that the cost of rent in the Big Apple might keep you up all night. Rent for an apartment for one person in New York City can cost more than a mortgage of a house in other cities such as, Los Angeles. 

The average rent is a whopping $2,000 – $3,000 per month for a single studio-type apartment in NYC. What makes things worse is that not all the apartments in New York City are a haven. Thousands of these apartments have faulty equipment and facilities. 

Professional engineers in New York have found shocking revelations in buildings after inspections. These problems should be at the top of your “must avoid” list in finding an apartment in the city. 

To learn about these problems, here is an infographic from Tauscher Cronacher. 


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