Know what things can keep your students motivated

Technology, on one hand, has numerous benefits, it has some drawbacks too. Education and classroom learning are affected by technology most both in positive and negative ways. It eases out numerous things for the students, but it has also shortened the attention span of students. That is where the job of teachers and instructors increases and add up an additional pressure of keeping the entire class on the same page and motivated for learning.

Teachers are now more in need of guidance than ever before. Due to the rapidly changing scenario of education where numerous new education services are introduced, teachers are responsible for keeping the basics of the students’ right and keep pushing them to learn with a better attitude.

The need of the hour for a teacher is to know the ways through which they can keep their students motivated and engaged towards their learning. That is why I am writing this article in which I am going to share some of the workable ways through which a teacher can keep his classroom motivated for the better understanding of lectures and lessons.

Appreciation is the best therapy:

Teachers always misunderstand their students regarding their efforts. Not all students can pull out the same amount or quality of work by putting similar efforts. Some work hard to do those things which some can do by doing nothing. Marking could get based on the quality of work, but appreciation is something which will not harm but benefits the students. Appreciation has always been the trick to motivate people. Moreover, students motivate more when their teachers appreciate them on their work. If you see anything wrong with any student, criticizing that student in a constructive way is better than any punishment or scolding.

Working with the students:

It is good to make students, independent but sometimes it is better to help them out in the things which you think are not easy for them to do alone. Providing them assignment help and answering their queries can be very beneficial for the students and especially for the environment of a classroom. It also allows the students to get gelled up with the students and create a much better relationship than ever.

Keep things excited:

Do not be a teacher who doesn’t care either his students are listening to the lecture or not. Do not keep your lecture on the monotone and dull enough to make the whole classroom sleep. To avoid all this, you have to be enthusiastic in whatever you do in the classroom. For this, using concrete, appropriate and understandable examples in the classroom is a great way to carry your lectures. Add some comical punches and jokes in your lecture to keep the students involved in lecture. Varying your sound pitch is also another way of bringing excitement in the classroom that can keep students motivated to learn.

Create Jobs:

Students love to take responsibilities in the school. Responsibilities not in the sense of learning, but in the form of jobs which are usually done by the school administration. For example, updating the calendar, posting on any digital medium of the classroom, watching class pet, taking attendance, cleaning boards etc.

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