Corbett national park animals.

Hi, today I am telling you about Corbett National Park Animals, One of the well-known species of animals inhabiting Jim Corbett is the Royal Bengal Tiger. It was in the forests of Jim Corbett that India’s tiger conservation program was initiated on 1st April 1973. There was a time when there were many man-eating tigers which dominated the Terai-Bhabar region. However, with a recent decline in the population of tigers, the attacks on tigers have become quite a rare occurrence. Adult tigers could be seen as solitary wanderers to the tourists, whereas tigresses could be spotted with young cubs.

Leopards can be easily located in the hilly areas but can also be seen around in the lowland jungles. Smaller-size feline population comprises the Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat and Leopard Cat. Other mammals inhabiting Jim Corbett National park includes deer species (Barking, Sambhar, Hogg and Chital), Sloth bears and Himalayan Black bears, Indian Grey Mongoose, otters, Elephants, Yellow Throated Martens, Ghoral (Goat-Antelopes), Indian Pangolins, and Langur and Rhesus Monkeys. Tourists can also spot Owls and Nightjars during the night. Local crocodiles (along with the banks of the Ram Ganga River) and Indian Python, King Cobra, Common Cobra could also be seen in the Jim Corbett Park.

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