A Brief History of Structural Engineering (Infographic)

There’s a lot of misconceptions on what structural engineers are responsible for, as most people only have little knowledge in the engineering field. Some think they only conduct mathematical calculations; however, it’s them that the society should thank for the security that residential and commercial buildings have – extremely essential when the hurricane season comes in New Jersey. They also provide building owners assistance in keeping their properties safe for the occupants. Hence, it’s safe to say that structural engineers are more than just math.


As early as the 27th century BC, structural engineering has been contributing throughout the society – allowing people to experience the benefits brought by sturdy structures today. During the Middle Ages, major structures such as the Pyramid of Giza were already stable – although theoretical knowledge about the structures was limited, and construction techniques were only based on experience.


Today, the rapid development of various software has helped structural engineers with their construction projects. A good example is the construction of the Sydney Opera House – software capable of computational analysis was used for building this iconic performing arts center.



Structural engineering’s impact in the world is significant enough for people to look back at its history. Here is an infographic detailing the brief history of structural engineering, brought to you by Lockatong Engineering.

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