The 5 Damages The Sun Can Do To Your Car

Roadtrips, especially during hot days, can damage not just the passengers inside but even the car as well, especially if one is driving without being protected by a window tint. As such, there are 5 common problems aside from potential health hazards that travelers may encounter during road trips.

The sun’s heat can cause cracking in the car’s seats, and airbags are also at risk of getting damaged by the heat trapped inside the vehicle.

Not just that, but even the mechanical components of the car such as hoses and belts can break too. Furthermore, fluid levels can decrease with prolonged travel and may result in potential overheating. Even the anti-freeze levels can be affected too.

Lastly, the tires, of course, are also included in the list, as prolonged exposure to heat can increase the tire pressure for up to 15%.

The lucky thing is, following simple tips such as parking the car under the shade, covering the areas that might get affected and letting a little heat escape by opening the car windows for a bit, and most of all, outfitting the car with a window tint could make a huge difference.

If you wanna know more about the best window tint service, check out this cool infographic created and designed by Global Tint USA:

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