Future of On Demand Service Apps in 2020

Gone are the days when one had to move from mountains to mortars in order to find a professional help for different purposes like an electrician, a mechanic, a plumber and so on and so forth. With the creation of Uber though all these services now didn’t require one to do so much of hard work as it was available simply through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device. This in fact popularized the concept of on demand and the creation thereafter of the on demand service apps.

Here is a brief description of the solution in detail. This will give you an idea about the solution in detail and also explain its useful nature.

About On Demand Service Apps and Its Useful Nature

To help customers get access to quick and prompt services the on demand services got created. With the help of this solution as soon as the customer placed a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device they were provided an access to those services on a whole.

Along with making it easy for the customer in terms of getting access to quick and prompt services on a whole, the solution also gave access to job opportunities to service providers and made it easy on a whole for the business in particular to manage their daily operations with considerable ease and also keep a check on their progress in an overall efficient as well as smooth manner.

So now that you know about the solution in detail let us understand the reasons for the popularity of this solution.

Reasons for Growing Popularity of On Demand Service Apps

a.       Quick access to goods and services

b.      Easy job opportunities to freelance labour

c.       Convenience in terms of payment by providing access to different payment modes from which the customer can choose the mode they feel comfortable paying with

Thus, courtesy all these factors the gojek clone app have gained massive popularity. As per a survey done by Business Wire, the on demand economy is predicted to have close to around 7.6 million suppliers who will offer their services.

This in turn goes on to suggest that the solution will turn out to be an overall good investment for new startups in the year 2020 and beyond.

However since we are talking particularly about the year 2020 only, we will provide you a list of statistical figures. This will help you understand the reason for the same in an easy manner.

Statistical Figures to Suggest the Profitable Nature of On Demand Service Apps in 2020

a.       According to statistics, the on demand market revenue is predicted to generate revenue close to around 335 billion dollars by 2025 approximately.

b.      A survey suggests that close 86.5 million consumers that is close to 42 percent of the population is already operating on demand services

c.       A report  by Harvard Business Review has stated that close to 22.4 million consumers are already spending close to around 57.6 billion dollars on the on demand service apps

d.      Finally, close to 51 percent of freelance labour offer on demand or same day services and earn a good income along the way

So, through all these figures you can understand thus, the on demand service apps are a good investment in 2020 and promises to bring good revenue and considerable profits on a whole to your new service industry on a whole.

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