Five Trend-Setting Jewelry This 2020

As a new year approaches, there are several things that change. One of these changes is your sense of style when it comes to jewelries.

This 2020, you may not change your style entirely but what you can do is upgrade them. To better help you with that, here are the 2020 five best trends in jewelry that you can match with your wardrobe.

First one is the touch of nature. Normally, women see shiny crystals and gold shades of jewelries. This year, many designers are eyeing to craft a completely different jewelry collection which is inspired by nature.

Designers are trying to make the simplest items into one of the most elegant jewels in the world.

Second trend is chokers. This kind of jewelry has been in the trend for a couple of years. There are thin chokers and thick chokers depending on the outfit that you are wearing. This does not only add up to the elegance of your whole get up but also gives your neck emphasis.

Third one is colorful bijoux. Bijoux are any jewel or trinket that serves as an accessory to a woman as well. Usually, you own or collect gold and silver bijoux but this year, the upcoming trend will be a colorful and glamorous jewelry collection of the century.

Fourth trend this 2020 is brightly colored earrings. This year, more lovely and vibrant colors of earrings will be designed for you.

Lastly, gothic initial necklace. These types of jewelry are usually made with the shades of gold and silver with your pendant preference. This can also be a very good idea if you are thinking of what to give your loved ones a gift.

To know more about these trends, check out the infographic made by Adeva Jewellery.

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