Portable Game Consoles: All Ins And Outs

The holiday is imminent. Your child loves to play games in the evening when homework is done or on weekends. You are looking forward to playing Zelda completely. But how do you do that on vacation?


You can hardly take your PlayStation to the campsite, or ask if those nice old people have a Nintendo in the gîte. And it would also be nice if the kids have something fun to do during the flight or in the car on the way south. After all, you can’t do two days I see I see what you don’t see playing.


Advantages of a portable game console for on the go


If you and your child still want to play games when you are away from home, a portable game console is an ideal solution. You probably don’t feel like having to give up your phone all the time so your child can play those app games.


Also, games on a telephone and games on a portable game console are of a completely different order. Portable game consoles are made by well-known brands such as Sony (from the PlayStation) or Nintendo. So they look much more like a real game console than, for example, a mobile phone.


Of course, operating a portable game console is also much better than playing games on your phone screen or tablet. With real buttons instead of a touchscreen and joysticks for easy movement, you can’t compare the two.


Development of modern portable game consoles


Some modern portable game consoles are even linked to the console at home! This allows you to continue playing a game you already started on the way. The possibilities and functionalities differ per portable game console. Popular are social networks with which your child can also play games with others and send messages.


Whether you are looking for a game console for in the car on vacation, for the trip on the plane or your holiday destination, there are several portable game consoles available and game rumors. Below we would like to tell you about some:


Sony PlayStation Vita With the Vita you can continue to play PlayStation games even when you are away from your console at home. Unfortunately, the memory card is then required. The screen is quite large and the quality is good. The operation is fantastic and easy, with the familiar buttons, 2 joysticks, and a touchpad.

You can play a huge amount of games on this handheld, which you download to the internal memory or play via the memory card. At the moment there are more than a thousand available games of all types and genres and for all ages. With the WiFi connection, you can also install apps. So if you buy a game for the PlayStation that you start at home, you can continue playing on the Vita with the memory card when you are on the road or vacation.


Nintendo 3DS


This portable game console is great if your children want to play with others online. You can exchange information online, play some 3D games together and even send messages. You can also take 3D photos with the built-in cameras.


For the Nintendo 3DS there are several games available at Mindscape, take a look now. We love LEGO games and for kids who love horses, you can manage your riding school and learn how to ride a horse better. You can also play the older NDS games on this handheld.


Nintendo 2DS


This portable game console is a bit more affordable and robust than its brothers and sisters. Perhaps this version is also more convenient for younger – and perhaps clumsy – children.


The body consists of one robust block. It is a bit smaller but very handy for small hands. Of course, there is also a joystick and well-placed buttons. With this portable game console, your child is also easily in contact with friends. The Nintendo 2DS is simple but good and also supports older NDS games and even 3DS games, but of course without the 3D functionality.


New Nintendo 3DS XL


This portable game console has nice, new features, such as improved control by the addition of a C-stick, besides, there is also amiibo support through NFC. The screen is larger than the regular 3DS and offers even better image quality, in both 3D and 2D. With an improved 3D display, this console is a really good, modern improvement.


You can also send information to other devices via the wireless connection. Are you a Nintendo fan? Then this portable game console is a nice addition!


Nintendo Switch


Of course, the new Nintendo Switch has also recently been released. Perhaps the best solution for a traditional game console, tabletop game console, and handheld in one. The only problem is deciding who can play it now. Of course, some games can be played with two players or more. More information about this new game console? Read it in our blog:  Nintendo Switch: everything about this new game console, do you already have a Nintendo Switch? Check out the games now!


Whichever portable game console you choose to take with you on a trip and vacation, of course, make sure you have enough distractions and other activities and don’t forget to bring the chargers!

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