Her Jewelry: The Best Metal For Her Necklace

Necklaces are excellent jewelry pieces to make a woman more elegant, even when she’s only wearing casual clothes. Everyday attire and luxurious dresses can be made more stylish with beautiful necklaces, and they come in different metal types with girls usually favoring one over the other.

Gold, platinum, silver, base metal, and titanium are among the metals used to make jewelry, and girls have different preferences on the metals they want.

Gold jewelry is popular due to its beautiful colors and durability that resulted from combining nickel, copper, zinc, and silver. The resulting color shades of gold jewelry are white, rose, green, and yellow gold.

Platinum is a metal that’s widely used for jewelry since they’re more durable than other metals. Platinum becomes beautiful and sturdy jewelry when combined with copper, cobalt, and alloy. However, it also becomes rather expensive.

Silver jewelry is also famous in the fashion industry since they’re excellent for necklace chains. Customized jewelry Philippines made from sterling silver are popular because they don’t decay quickly. Girls should make sure that they can keep their jewelry well-maintained to keep it from looking old.

Base metal and titanium are two other metals that are also widely used in making necklaces thanks to their own properties that made them beautiful. To know more about the metals, see Adeva Jewellery’s infographic here.

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