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There are quite a few plus size outlets, but many do not design these clothes properly. The problem, as we see it, is that patterned fabrics are designed for small sizes. This is wrong. Take, for example, the classic A-line high-waist dress. These look absolutely super on the fuller figure, arguably better than they do on small women. Especially as, in many cases, women’s bums are bigger than their upper bodies. And this can spread the flare rather nicely. But the patterns can spoil them. These need to be scaled up with the size. Mostly they are not. The whole garment needs to make the wearer appear proportioned correctly for it, or even very slightly too small for it. So gingham, for instance, needs to be much larger for a large size than for a small one. And if there are 6 vertical stripes of tartan on a skirt, this should be true in all sizes. Modern manufacturing techniques should make this a doddle. WE thing this is quite an important point, people avoid many patterns because they are just wrong when the cut is increased. There would be far more choice, we are sure, if this rule were followed.

A properly-designed pattern can be a real asset. There are various tricks which can be played with colour, but to me these miss the point. They say: This is designed to make me look smaller. What a piece of clothing should say is, look at me, I’m so cute! And this is, of course, perfectly possible. Why should it not be? Plus Size T-shirts are available in so many colors, types, and designs at a great range, but for the plus size person, the main concern is finding the right size. There are number of online shopping sites in India that deals in plus size clothing but if you are looking for the best online brands then we would suggest you Amydus. Amydus is e-commerce online shopping site that deals in Plus Size Clothing Online India, you can find fashionable and comfortable t-shirts in full sizes. Starting from the XXL t-shirts, XXXL t-shirts, plus size maxi dresses, you will find every bit single type of plus size clothing online at Amydus available in all colors. The appealing look and comfort that Amydus provides in the plus size t-shirts is literally unbeatable. The quality of the t-shirt is absolutely genuine and consists of cotton fabric and the price is also such affordable that you can think of buying a vivid collection of latest men’s clothing. Make a wise call and buy exclusive collection of plus size jeans.


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